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Master Cordeeceps
Mae Shanahan

In the world of Zenith

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The Allure of Darkness

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The dragons were the first to fall when the Prince attacked. Their empire was leveled in an instant, the capital burned to ashes, and without the most powerful race in the world ruling Abrioxus the continent devolved into chaos. Bitter nations previously kept at bay by the rule of the dragons now waged war on their neighbors. While they focused on killing one another, the Prince built an army to destroy them all. Now an ancient power stirs and spectral soldiers march across Ambrioxus, slaughtering everything in their path. With the continent still divided, their only hope is a rebellion led by survivors from the dragon kingdoms. Their main goal was to find the prophet spoken about in ancient legends, a burning light to banish the darkness, but when they needed her most she vanished. Now they continue to fight a losing battle. For those across the sea, though, the End War is just a scary story told to children. Another rebellion--this one smaller, human, and opposing the corrupt crown of their home--was hanging on by a thread when a mage named Corvus found them. He claimed to be a dragon, a race they thought extinct, and brought a dangerous proposition; join him and his army from the west and he would help them win their war. For the rebellion's lead strategist, Ophelia, the choice is easy. The destiny of these two renegade armies is now intertwined, but will they stop the Prince's apocalypse or hasten it?

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