Maximus Barr vs Interchange, Ltd.

Political event


Attorney General, Maximus Barr appears before Clockwork City's High-High Court, asking the government to rescind the contract issued to Interchange, Ldt. in connection with Tolk-Chat Communications™.   Final vote was 7-2 Against.   Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise represented the defendant.

Under the insistence of the Military Faction, Attorney General Maximus Barr appeared in front of Clockworks City High-High Court to argue against the contract awarded Tolk-Chat Communications™   The company's popular software, which allows direct communication between individuals and entities in various forms, was called into question when the installation contract was awarded to Interchange, Ltd.   Barr argued that a company like Interchange, Ltd., known for its exclusive military contracts, should not be allowed to work on private and/or public systems. That the very nature of Interchange, Ltd.. which was formed to assist the Military Faction to expand it's knowledge database, should mark the company as unqualified for such a contract.   Barr pointed out the potential dangers of allowing Interchange, Ltd. to use the fiberoptic foundation of Clockwork's largest and oldest communication company, Bygone Enterprises, INC. That using the established network could potentially open up every home, business, and government agency to untrackable surveillance.   After hearing the rebuttal from Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise, Attorney's at Law--the final vote on the floor was 7-2 Against.   Interchange, Ltd. was given full contract rights to piggyback on the fiberoptic network of Bygone Enterprises, INC.

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