11th Ravena 1985

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Andrawyn is a Gothic Horror/Dark Fantasy Setting for the Pathfinder RPG. The world is protected by a World Dragon and orbited by two moons. It is a world which, instead of the different planes, has the Otherworld, a mirror of the material plane, in which the gods exist very real. Andrawyn is a world from which one can reach all other worlds. And it is a world whose lifeblood is the Song of Creation, which fires the magic with which almost everything works.


Today, the weather in Celestria is mixed throughout. Mostly cloudy, sunshine can only be expected in the late afternoon. Temperatures are around 20° during the day and drop to around 10° at night.

Dead man in Madarast

Was it an assassination attempt on the Duke?

Three days ago it became known that a body had been dropped from an airship on the property of the Duke of Madarast. The body landed directly in front of the portal of the building, while the servants sat at dinner. Fortunately, the Duke himself was not there, so no one was hurt.

The identity of the deceased has not yet been conclusively established, Commissioner Mina Fox said. For tactical reasons, she also refused to give a statement on the cause of the death of the unknown person.

The Duke was not available to make a statement to the Guardian.

Danger of Collapse

Tenants are exploited

Reports from trustworthy sources say that dilapidated houses are repeatedly rented to people at inflated prices. A practice that seems to be gaining more and more ground. The Guardian's informants did not want to talk about the landlord and the houses concerned.

When the mayor of Drachenruh was asked, this procedure was sharply criticized. Lady Alistra promised our newspaper that she would investigate the incident thoroughly and bring it to trial if the allegations turned out to be true.

Official Introduction

The guilds of Eivrune have published an official introduction to the world to help travelers from other worlds find their way around Andrawyn. Celestrian retailers report that the publication has significantly improved their revenue over the past month. The introduction can now be purchased in any Celestria bookstore.

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