Bat-crap crazy brilliance in a wrinkly old package (a.k.a. Morphiophelius)

Widower, father, friend, warrior, rebel, philanthropist, master botanist & butterfly farmer, Morphiophelius ‘Smith’ (a.k.a. “Chuck”) is the oldest known mortal and considered one of the most powerful mägo in history, with the exceptions of the The Hero.   Fiercely private about his personal life and past, not much has been discovered about the happy-go-lucky-but-be-nice-or-I’ll-hit-you-with-my-staff mägo, unless he’s revealed it himself. That seems to be a distinct advantage when you can outlive everyone else around you.  


There are no known records of Chuck's actual birth, nor is there information on his parents, lineage, or possible siblings. The earliest records I can confirm, were pulled from the ancient Evolu archives. It hints at a powerful mägo, roaming the land, battling side by side the Evolu, Kutollum and even the Nocturi races in their fight against the encroaching forces of Mahan.  
All through the night, we received the wounded and weary. Many whispered a grey-robed mägo, calling down wind and lightning from the sky to allow for their escape…and commanded the ground to swallow our enemy whole…
— Brother Tynn, Kirk of Willowcreek
  The only open knowledge of Chuck’s personal life comes from a single picture, framed on the mantle of his hearth at the center of his cottage. The photograph displays Chuck as a young man, with dark hair and a trim beard, his arms around a woman holding a child.   When Wendell, the hero of the gem, asked the mägo about the picture, he was told it was indeed his wife and only child (a son), who were both murdered by Mahan himself.  
  It has never been a secret as to why Morphiophelius has lived this long. In a conversation with Wendell, the mägo openly admitted that he has used his magical knowledge to slow his own aging until a new hero was called. His sole intent was to help whoever possessed the Ithari next and to destroy Mahan once and for all.   Though powerful, Morphiophelius acknowledges that the only being strong enough to actually defeat the Lord of Darkness is the one who commands the Ithari herself.  

A Mägo’s Influence

Chuck not only appears in the records of history since the first human kings—he’s played key roles in the development of many societies. His titles and exploits include (but are not limited to):
  ~ Professor [School of Magic, a.k.a. University of Magic];
~ Mägo of the First Order;
~ Olen Grand Champion {14 titles won, not including 5 title defenses}
~ Regular contributor to Wizard’s Day, Better Shacks and Gardens and on occasion, to Gnome Geographic (as a foreign correspondent) ;
~ Founded the first official bank in Clockworks City, with personal and business loans starting a slow as 12.275% OAC;
~ Holds Fastest Land Speed World Record On A Rocket Tricycle (642.7mph
~ Member of the Neuvo-Kuisa ;
~ Initiated The Great Disco Infusion of Clockworks City;
~ Disgusted at how gnomes were “shaking their booties,” initiated The Great Disco Ban of Clockworks City;
~ Was the only mägo to assist the Kutollum during The Invasion At Hollow Pass;
~ President and Co-Founder of the Olen Rogers Fan Club (check him out on YouTube). The club has 612,435,118 active gnome members (Betty Shirp [a.k.a. The Shadow] is the other co-founder, but because she tends to be a stalker, we don’t talk about her much…so, ya know…Olen, be careful, man).
~ Invented the ‘ Holiday Umbrella ’.

Professional Parent

Losing his wife and only child to war, Chuck has taken great joy and pride in stepping into random roles, especially as a father-figure. Both Dax and King Robert III were raised by the mägo—in both cases, to save the infants lives. Morphiophelius was uniquely qualified to teach Dax how to harness his teleportation abilities, while his extensive connections in human society enabled him to groom Robert III to take back his throne as King of Andilain.  

A Mägo With Class

There is another side to this amazing mägo, however–and it’s one few people get the chance to witness.   An avid cook and passionate collector of cheese, Morphiophelius loves to wind down with an aged glass of homemade grapefruit kombucha and a pipe full of mullen when the weather gets nippy. Late at night, if you sneak close to a cottage window, you just might hear him relaxing to the brilliant musical sounds of Sultans of StringBreak of Reality or the ever-popular Gnome bandBig Bob and the Thigh Smackers.  

Magical Abilities

Chucks magical abilities are varied and extensive. Fellow mägo within the Order have frequently commented on the unique manifestations they've beheld over the years:
“Morphiophelius has become so proficient in his abilities that we no longer believe he is doing magic so much as he IS magic, strange as that may sound. It is the only way we can explain his intricate and masterful use of the Seven Disciplines of Magic.”
— Prof. Shumbleton, Order of Inner Physical
  From transfiguration to elemental control, alchemy to complex enchantments, few abilities have had a more dramatic effect upon those around him than Chuck’s ability as a Seer.   Though he has not explained this ability at any real length, multiple accounts hint that the mägo has the power to see the past, present and future…all at the same time. Why this ability has not inflicted insanity upon the beloved mägo is unknown (though some say it’s already occurred). This ability has allowed him to circumvent, sidestep and even manipulate events to his advantage and to the advantage of his friends and companions.   Unfortunately, it is also clear that Chuck is not always in full control of this ability, which at times, can exacerbate a bad situation.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Chuck has the strength, agility, stamina, and endurance of an elderly man who engages in moderate daily exercise.

Facial Features

Semi-long hair with bushy eyebrows, a snow-white mustache, and a beard that exceeds 7 feet in length.

Physical quirks

Chuck moves with the gate and grace of a man in his 20's, though any moderate running will cause him to verbally complain and lean heavily on his staff (or the closest person).

Special abilities

There are few who can match the sheer skill and knowledge of Morphiophelius when it comes to magic. Having practiced his abilities over an undetermined amount of time, Chuck has been seen to control the elements, transfigure, light, heal, curse, and perform any number of enchantments in various languages.   Of all his abilities, the most impressive and noteworthy is the power to see the past, present, and future at the same time. It is this ability alone that has enabled the old wizard to interrupt, encourage and bypass countless events with seeming ease.   (NOTE: I'm being instructed by Chuck to clarify that he doesn't actually know the future...only that he sees 'possibilities' concerning the future, which is always in flux.)

Apparel & Accessories

Though he will transform his Mägoweave into various outfits when it's expedient to do so, he prefers to wear standard grey robes, which look like they are in desperate need of repair (and washing).

Specialized Equipment

Chuck is rarely seen without his trusty dragon staff, which has a life and personality of its own.

Personality Characteristics


All that Chuck does is to fulfill his vow to see the ultimate destruction of Mahan and in turn, the Book of Dark Bindings. The Lord of Darkness personally destroyed Chuck's family for supporting and assisting the last Hero of the Gem.


Odd as this may seem, Chuck is an expert swordsman, hand to hand combatant, and is known to be an extreme competitor in:
Mountain Boarding,
Aggressive Inline Skating,
Mountain Biking,
Rock Climbing,
Free Climbing,
Sand kiting,
Body boarding,
Wake Boarding,
Cave diving,
Cliff Jumping,
Scuba Diving,
White Water Rafting,
Jet Skiing, 
Snow Skiing,
Ice Climbing,
Base Jumping,
Bungee Jumping,
Hang Gliding,

  …and he also likes an occasional game ofcrochet.
"Let them think whatever they like...I can't fix stupid."
"Humans are plagued with the same diseases which bring the downfall of EVERY civilization: GREED! LUST FOR POWER! IGNORANCE! FAT WOMEN IN SPANDEX!!"
"You have to be the kind of person your friends can count on. The kind of man who will stand firm in the face of adversary.
...unless she's REALLY cute."
"Think that's talent? That's nothing! ANYone can pull a rabbit out of a hat. You pull a hat out of a rabbit and THEN we'll talk!"

Chuck's Staff


Chuck’s Cottage

Known to be a close friend to the last hero of the gem, Morphiophelius was given stewardship over "The Cottage". A humble abode on the outside, the cottage is magically enhanced (and enlarged) on the inside.  
The full size of the dwelling has yet to be discovered, as there are rooms magically locked, which Chuck has been unable to open during his occupancy—even employing magical efforts.   The small 12’ by 12’ cottage does come with its own Olympic-sized swimming pool, three-story library, bowling alley, roller skating rink, 62 guest bedrooms 54.5 bathrooms, basketball court, personal gymnasium, training facility, and indoor go-cart track.   There’s also a convenient little mudroom just off the back porch.    

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