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If this is your first time here, I'd like to take a moment to prep your mind.
(That might sound odd--but you'll thank me for it later, I promise. )

  First off--this entire site is based off a published fantasy series, called Chronicles of a Hero, by Jaime Buckley. It's a big story, which he's been building & telling since 1990, and he's STILL building it. That being said, everything you see and experience here is going to be wrapped around that fantasy world  

TRANSLATION: The moment you leave this page, the fictional people OF THIS WORLD take over.

  They run the articles, the lights, even the coffee machine in the break room.
(Don't touch the greying foam cup in the fridge marked 'special'...just FYI.)   So I'm going to suggest a few simple thing you might want to consider, either now or in the near future--to provide you with the best experience possible. Okay?   Here goes:  

STEP #1:

Best Devices To Use When Viewing This Site

Though we make every effort to provide this information to our mobile audience, you won't be able to appreciate what's here on a 3-5" screen.   It SHOULD go without saying that if you want the very best experience--meaning the artwork, easter eggs, maps, and more--you need a bigger screen, so consider using your desktop or tablet.   We build using the mantra 'go BIG or go HOME', and you just can't get the full experience via smartphone, no matter what line of BS Apple spews out (and we're Mac people).  

STEP #2:


It seems almost silly to try and enjoy this website if you don't know the story behind it. Enjoy a few laughs, gasp, cheer, and maybe even have a good cry by reading my first book in the series: PRELUDE TO A HERO.   It'll give you a solid foundation to enjoy this entire site.   Choose a link below and buy a copy of Prelude to a Hero from your preferred vendor.
• Get Prelude to a Hero from AMAZON
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STEP #3:

Tell A Friend!

This is VERY important--because the BEST advertising is always word-of-mouth.   We do not advertise.
We do not entice with clickbait.
We simply strive to build a magical world and then rely on our readers to spread the news.   The way people find out about these books and this site is by YOU saying something...so, ya know...say something.

"I was always a sucker for comedy, but this book had me laughing till my cheeks hurt. Wendell has so many hilarious side comments and thoughts that I couldn't help but want to see how he reacted to everything.
— Leilani, USA"


If you enjoy science fiction/fantasy and fun adventures, you should check out Buckley's Wanted Hero series. Enjoyable to read and appropriate for younger readers, this is a series I hope continues and goes far. Just plain fun entertaining reading.
— Alain, USA


STEP #4:

Consider Getting a Subscription!

If you like what you see, consider supporting our efforts. The MORE subscribers we get, the FASTER this grows (cause I don't have to work for someone else)!!   Think of a subscription as a passport to happiness, adventure, and odd things that make you laugh.   For a limited time, you can support us for $3 a month. You'll get access to the whole site, including hidden and exclusive content (early access to the newest books, short stories, interviews, lore), downloads, videos, and more. In FACT--we're putting up all our published works for subscribers, which means you'll have access to over $100 in books, just for starters!!! Everything on this site, now and in the future--is yours for only $3 a month.   That's only the cost of a decent coffee!   Subscriptions will go up to $20/mo when we reach specific content goals. But we thought, "Why not show our thanks to those who helped support us in the beginning...by locking in that rate for life?"   So we did just that!
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Author's Notes

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask me a (private) question--I can answer them here.

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