Enlist #31

The tent city is extensive, housing Evolu, Kutollum and Human armies around the grounds of Castle Andilain. Thousands of soldiers conduct training drills in the fields, some aid the local workers in constructing stable buildings. Merchants are seen everywhere, peddling their goods.   Unfortunately, your close association now seems to be at an end.   Dorbane grips your hand firmly. “I know we talked about this and I knew it was coming…I just,” he hesitates. Kutollum don’t cry and your friend isn’t an exception—though you see a flicker of regret in his eyes.   You feel a heavy weight in your chest.   “I know,” you reply, placing your other hand over the handshake. “I have always considered you my brother, oh noble Kutollum.”   Dorbane grunts, “Don’t talk like that—you sound daft.”   You smile, “Well, remember the plan,” you add, “If the military forces create a unit mixing both Kutollum and Human’s, make sure to volunteer.”   He slaps your shoulder and smiles.   With many tears and desperate hugs from Valda, you leave Dorbane out front of the stables. You feel…incomplete, but…stick to the plan, you remind yourself.   You report to the human camp, nestled along the eastern walls of the castle.   Valda may be Iskari, but she looks human…so you both decide to keep her origins quiet.   You ask for directions from the soldiers standing guard. You are promptly taken to the camp recruiter Rodrick. Rodrick McDonnell.   When you enter his tent, he’s eating—the table lavish with meats, fruits and bread. He’s a portly man with a thick mustache and furry goatee to match. He studies you as he gulps down some wine, then wipes his mouth and tosses the cloth onto the table.   “So, you want to enlist with High King Gaston’s finest, eh?”   “Yes sir,” you reply happily.   “And why is that?” he ask, which throws you for just a moment.     "Because we want to serve this land and our great king!" Go to page #33   "Because we heard the call and want to be united with our foreign brothers, to crush the forces of Mahan!" Go to page #39


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