The Fuddlebunky

When you live in a city with over 1.5 BILLION other residents, it's not just space to live in that's important. What about space to move? Space to work?   That's why one of THE most popular work vehicles seen about Clockworks City is the Fuddlebunky.   Designed to be easy to use, easy to drive, and to pack as many features into as small a space as possible, the Fuddlebunky.  


Garland Fuddlebunky was an industrious housewife, who loved her husband dearly. They had a good, yet humble life, with four intelligent children, all of whom adored their hard-working father. Ashton was considered a 'packer' by the community--a clever tinkerer, who always found a way to make things fit for folks and their needs.   Had another child but not another room? Ashton could find you space in a closet or alcove. Wanted a garden, but no ground to do it? Ashton was known as the master of the hanging gardens of District 11.   Over time, that cleverness rubbed off on his wife's amazing ability to organize. Wanting to care more for the poor of the community, Garland worked with her sweetheart to design a vehicle that would allow her to take full meals to families while keeping them hot or cold. A vehicle which fit down the back alleys and private lanes too narrow for service carts and smaller trucks.   The prototype worked perfectly. Before long, Garland and her children were caring for the poor and sick, as well as administering on behalf of the Church of TGII. Ashton was praised as the luckiest man in District 11--his beautiful family an example of love, compassion and industrious efforts other families should emulate.   When Ashton Fuddlebunky was killed in a boiler explosion at the local factory, the community was devastated. Though the Fuddlebunky's had no debt and their home was paid off, Ashton had no savings--leaving Garland and their children without means.  

A Helping Hand

News of the Fuddlebunky's came to the ears of Philburt Bellows, owner of the factory. He had heard of the kind family who would visit the poor of his own workers, administering the sick and homeless. He even heard of the clever vehicle designed by his prize worker, enabling full access to the city.   Bellows approached the widow, offering a contract to manufacture the unique vehicle, including a generous percentage of all sales to the family.   Garland accepted, requiring the name of the vehicle to be branded, "The Fuddlebunky" in honor of her loving husband. Bellows agreed, with one addition: that Garland's own face be included in the logo design, to share the limelight with her husband.  

Fuddlebunky Success

The Fuddlebunky was an overnight success. Within months, the small vehicle became the top-selling small merchant delivery vehicle, while custom orders poured in, requestion modifications for street food vendors.


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