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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a commonly used vehicle in your world and who its used by.
A total of 241 entries

The Windele Armida Cart™️

Flying carriages

Common Vehicles

Stolheim Steam Engine

The floating Oceanmaiden

Weirland Keelboat

The Mountain Troll Stagecoach

Gnomish Riding Goats

Common Vehicles of Transportation

Les lames de la mer

Angul's Magnificent Wings

Wandermeran Stone Ships

Horse Drawn Carriage

Põhjollan Sleigh

Trade on the Oakrun

New Beginnings Railway

Palasos Defense Bird

Alda'ceir, Grove Galleons

Ponk-powered Cars

B.O.T. (Big Ol’ Turtle)

Atlas Boating Industries

Double Decker Canoe

Enchanted Trimaran

Republican Steelworks "Starker Junge" RSE-4001/6

Zephys' Transport Platforms

Carts and Carriages

The spider glider

The Sailboats of Magmoia

More-Tense's Floating Skateboard

Amazionan Transportation

Caravan Trade Cart

The Cheerful Rambler

Mono Trapus, the finest way for a Gentlemen to travel

New Hotatian Republic Mark II Mobile Command & Control Center

Officer's Carriage

Gnomish Arcane Locomotives

Zinǒn-class Static Locomotive (12th Generation)

The Gwyth Caravans

Starscrapper Boats

Tangongtou Tair-tak-w'toyar: The Null Mover 23

*Magic Aerial Railway

Roughroad Carriage

Sisyphean Heavy Freighter

Two-mast Standard Transport

Fayette-class Steamship

Trem Elemental Civil

Carts, Wagons and Carriages (SC'19)

The Five Wheeled Cart

Broadcast Skimmers

Die Hängenden Sänften