Getting Food and Drink #32

The Three Swords is one of the few solid structures in the tent city. Erected by the rich merchants of Roland, over a hundred woodsman and three architects were employed to erect the lodge in a single season. Built to house eight hundred soldiers in its great hall, The Three Swords caters to the three armies which surround it. The armies, trying desperately to coexist in peace.   It’s midmorning and there are few patrons in the great hall. You find a secluded booth in the back and stretch out.   Valda orders a round of drinks and a large platter of eggs and steak from the fat Innkeeper. You’re all sore from the long walk through the night and it feels good to have food in your stomaches.   You have a few more rounds and decide to get a room for the night.   “Best to show up looking like we’re actually worth our weight in food,” grumbles Dorbane, yawning.   “Right,” adds Valda, “enlisting will come soon enough. I’m dead tired.”   But before you get up, you hear some swearing in the booth next to you.   “It ain’t right I tell you!” says a voice.   “Keep yer tone down, ya blasted coot!” hisses another, “Ya wanna get caught? That’s a charge of murder! …you wanna hang, do ya?”   There’s a long pause, and then softer, “Course not Sargent.”   “Then keep yer damned trap shut!” the Sargent snaps, “Drink up,…we’s got work to do, boy. Keelan and Gunther’ve prolly gutted those folks b’now. Not long b’fore they frame that nasty Kutollum brat.”   You glare at Dorbane. He tries to rise, but you shake your head. “Hear them out,” you whisper.   “You think this is really gonna work, Sarge?” the voice continues, “What if the dwarves just start a war against us? Ever thing o that?”   The Sargent laughs, then you hear the sound of a mug being slammed on a table. “Toma’s got a plan fer that too! Screw those elves right proper, he will! Get ALL these foreigners outta our lands, now let’s go.”     IF you decide to ignore the conversation and mind your own business—you sleep for the night and enlist in the morning, go to page #31   IF you decide to follow the Sargent and his young friend, go to page #40  


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