Vebränmiekkä (Brann)

Dragon of the Fiery Sword

One of the last Dragon Lords, also known as the Verrdrä, Vebränmiekkä (Dragon of the Fiery Sword) turned against his own kind.   Stories are told of the black serpent who received a taste of mortality, giving into the emotions of the flesh. Ignoring the heart-song all great serpents use to secure a mate, Vebränmiekkä ignored his own heart-mate Veydänkev (Dragon Heart of Spring) and sought the affections of Vekesäu (Dragon of Summer Moon) instead.   Vebränmiekkä was challenged Verdräskinn (The Hidden Dragon Lord) for his heart-mate. The vicious battle could be felt across Humär and in the end, the black serpent was defeated and banished, forever bound to walk the world in dragon form. Vebränmiekkä had his name taken from him, becoming BränmiekkäVe (dishonored - traitor).   BränmiekkäVe is now known as Brann (fire) and serves Mahan.



Lord (Important)

Towards Vebränmiekkä (Brann)




Vebränmiekkä (Brann)

Traitor (Vital)

Towards Verdräskinn




Vebränmiekkä was first talked about in the book Prelude to a Hero.
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