Between the Stars

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( Written for DylonIsHere123's World: The Void Between, Breaking Into Heaven )

  Natalie "Nas" Aghl is a renowned astronaut, known both for her expertise and experience within the exploration of the depths of space and her notorious tendency to miss her own launches. Humanity has grown complacent, seemingly eternal peace draining the caution taught through failure; but, now, they rest on the brink of the greatest discovery of all: particle and quantum physics.
  As Nas heads for her latest mission's launch, scientists activate their particle accelerator. Success could open doors that humanity could once hardly dream of. Failure could spell the end of the universe or, at the very least, the destruction of humanity.

  I'm not sure how well it turned out as I had a bit of a hard time finding a balance between the banter of the dialogue and the fake-science jargon that comes up a few times during the conversations. I hope it lives up to everyone's expectations!
  This is still, technically, the first draft. A lot of the writing within the second half gets sloppy. I'm personally not super happy with the end result, but the plot did come out as I had intended. The last few lines are pretty close to what I was going for, having been planned out from the beginning but the ending may feel a tad bit abrupt. However, I'm more of less content with where everything ended up considering the semi-conflicting prompts I was attempting to fit the piece into. I hope you all enjoy, and let me know your thoughts! (Edits are expected)