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The Secret Dance

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[This story and its characters used to be associated with Sulore, another of our worlds here on WA. However, we have since retconned the story and connected it with Adarus, which is now public. A few minor details (such as location names and races) have changed to fit with Adarus.]
  Elibor, a tortured youth, struggles to build a life for himself after losing everything twice. He knows only two worlds: one of shadows, where thieves and scoundrels dwell; and one of sweet music and touch, where the courtesans dance. With a foot in both, he is trapped in a swirl of pretense; but one day, a stranger literally falls into his lap, offering a third world... of dungeons, dragons, and endless adventure.
  The only price? Leaving the city he grew up in, where Eli lost his innocence, and never looking back.