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Dungeons and Dragons

Neverwinter Short Stories

By FearBot

1932 1 0 1399

This is a collection of events, histories, and stories that expand the fiction of Neverwinter Stories.

Blut und Eisen(Working Titel)

By Kenok_Ironblood

278 0 0 0

Dieses "Buch" handelt von den Abenteuern meiner DnD Gruppe. Welche mich durch Ihrer Kreativit├Ąt und Wahnsinn dazu veranlasst haben, ihrer Episoden fest zu halten.

The Secret Dance

By Nebulous

4290 0 0 15089

[This story and its characters used to be associated with Sulore, another of our worlds here on WA. However, we have since retconned the story and connected it with Adarus, which is now public. A few minor details (such as location names and races) have changed...

Shadow's Notes

By Loneblackfang

2223 0 0 1038

These are the notes on the everyday happenings at the EWTC.

Tales of Edda: Horizon of Midnight - Setting Sun

By EVTaurus

5898 0 0 27708

A missing family leads five adventurers to the same mission, but what begins as an open-and-shut case suddenly unravels itself into something much bigger, and much more deadly.

Stories of Beginnings

By kerupt

1251 0 0 1201

[i]Being raised by the elemental creatures of the Quelatian Empire is strange on its own. However, stories of their creation and beginnings are stranger still.[/i] [dc]Y[/dc]oung Jakuul took well to the teaching of the Quelatian Empire, but stories of their...

bad copy

By Loneblackfang

1420 0 0 0

These are the notes on the everyday happenings at the EWTC.

The Sands that Slumber

By Magenth

1240 0 0 3296

Since creation, the Embodied Gods have played with the mortals as pawns to their whims. The divine Guardians, the counterforce to the pantheon proved to hold no refuge for mortalkin. The world, still young and growing, sits at peace after the catalysm that...

DnD Battle Royal

By Drasos

1187 0 0 4009

Abenteuer aus unserer Dungeons and Dragons Runde.