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Sarsoa's Calamity

Completed 1138 0 0 9870

A sickness fell upon the once strong and hearty Brandt. Elizabeth, the village herbalist , gave the news to his father. The village elder has declared that his spirit must be collected by Shen: god of the afterlife through a ceremony to ensure his spirit will not haunt those he knew in life.
  The priest of Shen arrived to the village along with his acolytes to conduct the ceremony. However, confusion has become of the citizens of the village of Sarsoa. The ceremony was different, Brandt was alive for a moment, and the priests remain silent of their purpose and leave Brandt's body on the altar.
  The next day, Sarsoa will be nothing left but an event that must be reported to the capital city of Klavora. A village of two hundred and fifty will be dwindled to no more than ten survivors.

Table of Contents

  Elizabeth Storyline