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Chapter 5: Dragon Lord

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Chapter 5

Dragon Lord


Terrin lifted his wine glass and took a sip.

“Wait,” cried a little boy, eyes as wide as saucers, “what happened next?”

A smirk appeared on the bards face as he set the glass down. “The agreement was sealed. What began as a business arrangement matured into a lasting friendship between the Dragon Lord and the Gypsy’s that has lasted centuries. Verdräskinn sent for the greatest mägo throughout the land, while those able assisted the Verrdrä to sift through the burnt forest and salvage enough logs to fashion this tavern you now sit in.

“A door was fashioned from the finest of the wood and then enchanted. Placed in every major city, the Roadkill Tavern became a hub of industry, exchange and secrets. It tribute of the Woodsmen of the East, the Dragon Lord took upon him their name and opened this establishment.”

The Bard took his time, making eye contact with those closest in the crowd. “Though Wood has grown his spy network across the world, he has yet to hear of any rumor concerning his brother, the Black Dragon.”

“Poppycock,” chimed a patron, “that’s the biggest crock of lies I’ve heard since my own father tried to tell me I was adopted!”

The room burst into laughter.

“You’re saying Wood…as in our brilliant tavern owner, is the Dragon Lord?!? BWAHAHAHA!”

Patrons laughed and chided Terrin, but the bard kept his composure.

“Oh, wait,” cried another listener, “that would also mean Iyl-Tandril is hundreds of years old! You screwed up your own story old man!!”

Again, the laughter.

“Hey Wood! How’s it feel to be hundreds of years old?” shouted a patron.

The big burly tavern owner wandered out from behind the bar, carrying a large empty platter and several rags tucked into the string of his dirty apron. He smirked and shook his head, “Is THAT why I feel so worn out all the time?”


“Well I’ll say this, Terrin,” burped a middle-aged merchant trying to stand erect, “you tell a marvelo…mirverl…*hic*…you tell a great tale!” and he placed a shiny silver coin on the end table.

“Why thank you, Barnaby. Always a pleasure to be complimented by a man of the world like yourself.”

Barnaby tapped his nose and winked. “I won’t tell these idiots about the doors if you you won’t.”

Terrin nodded, “Probably wise.”

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