The Bedurrim

Where secrets are discussed by those who take no council.

“If there was a room I would describe as, shall we say, “Creepy as hell,” the Bedurrim would be it.   Yes, I realize that it has its purposes and that it is most likely one of the effective negotiating tools of the Iskari High Council, but that doesn’t mean I’d sit in there having tea with the High Elder for any small amount of coin!”
— Höbin Luckyfeller, Incredibly Handsome Historian
  The Bedurrim (roughly translated, The Place of Finding) is known by several names among the Iskari people. The Room of Secrets, Center of Dreams and even The Room of One Eye,…but among the High Council, it is specifically known as the ‘Chamber of Truth’.   Throughout the ages, the Iskari have been known for their wise counsel and non-encroaching ideas--always seeking the betterment of their fellow beings. Through self-discipline, knowledge, research, and dedication to truth, this tradition has continued successfully for thousands of years undisturbed.   The Bedurrim is the one location where the whole of the Iskari High Council meets, undisturbed and utterly protected from life outside its walls. Each stone enchanted to protect its members from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and magical harm. Even the vast power of Mahan holds no sway within the closed chamber of the Bedurrim.    


Of the fifteen valleys of Sanctuary, the primary ‘petal’ of Tamku holds the Keep of the High Elder and the location of the Bedurrim. Within the main tower of the keep, the chamber is positioned over the very heart of the Key (were the Ithari rests outside of her host).  


This large circular chamber is made of stone, colored slate and rare Andle wood accents. There is only one way into the chamber and one way out—through a giant, magically reinforced door.   Upon entering the Bedurrim, one slowly descend into the center of the room, a single path laid in stone, slowly narrowing unto one arrives at its center. This is where all who meet with the High Council stand. At the center of the chamber, and upon a single, giant eye, created in colorful slate.   Surrounding the great eye are 15 highjack chairs, all of which are carved to display exquisite and seemingly life-like dragons, perched on various parts of the chairs. The heads and more importantly, the eyes of the dragons, all focus perfectly upon those who stand at the center of the chamber.   These chairs are separated by six black wood, six white wood and three golden wood, the centermost chair of gold one step higher in position than the rest. Upon these sit the Council.   At the back of the chamber, along either side of the door are two small benches.  


Along the edge of the Bedurrim, positioned between the Council chairs are sixteen candelabras, each supporting five candles. Yet this is not the main source of light.   Overhead is a circular groove in the wall, fifteen inches wide by fifteen inches deep, containing oil. When in session, the oil is lit, creating the illusion of life upon both the dragons a top the chairs…and the great eye underfoot.   The Law of the Bedurrim All decisions made within this chamber are final, for it is here that all things may be spoken without fear, without criticism and without punishment. It is a place for counsel and for the truth in all things.
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