Council with Dorbane #13

You jab your dwarf buddy in the arm and fall behind the group.   “Sounds like this is more than just a couple renegade soldiers,” hisses Dorbane, just above a whisper.   You know your stout friend is right, even though you hate to admit it. This whole situation is starting to smell like a nasty plot. The problem is, what can you really do?   “At least we kept five good people from losing their lives,” you say.   “Aye.”   Aggie seems to be walking fine on her own, so you call Valda over.   “Problem?” she asks.   “Only that I think we’re out of our league here,” you reply. “Once we hit the Kings Highway, I think it wise we move on.”   Valda shrugs.     “What’s wrong, Valda?” Go to page #14   “Agreed,” says Dorbane, “This is too much heat for three newcomers.” Go to page #43


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