Relentless. Unequalled. Sadistic.

In the great wars waged against the races of light, few of the servants of Mahan evoke fear as do the Dark Lord's beloved trackers. Directly descended from Therrin, one of the elder 12, these highly trained and twisted forms of men scour the land in search of their prey. Their senses developed beyond that of Human or Evolu, a Therrin's stamina and prowess for tracking are unequaled.   These obsessive creatures, now only vaguely more intelligent than beasts, are single-minded in pursuit of their prey...always salivating over 'the Hunt'. For the one who successfully finds and dispatches the mark, will obtain the greatest of all prizes, coveted by all other Therrin:   The skin.

Basic Information


Though originally equal in physical stature to the other elder brothers, the descendants of Therrin have warped both their basic bone and muscle structure (shifting their posture and load-bearing stances). In addition, social mutilation, as well as specific functional use of both tooth and nail over millennia, have promoted the rapid development of organic weapons now born to all Therrin.   Intense climbing, running, sprinting from trees and close combat engagement have forced the development of dense bone and muscle tissue.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike all other races upon Elämä, Therrin are only a fraction of other populations. This is almost entirely due to the lack of female options and the overwhelming desire to kill, rather than reproduce.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A Therrins sense of smell and hearing can be compared to that of a wolf, while thousands of year working in both shadow and the dead of night have allowed them to hone their tracking skills to near-mystical levels.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants


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