You fight back #99

Bullies are nothing more than people who didn’t learn manners from a good role model. Luckily, a good way to help such people understand their poor choices…is a solid punch in the mouth.   You hear the mans bent nose go pop as your fist make contact with his face. Oh well, it’s not the mouth, but hey—it’s broken and bleeding.   He doesn’t, however, fall down.   Instead, a huge hammer fist swings at your head.   You dodge easily, side stepping out of the way. The first hits the wood wall of the staircase. You hear bones crack and the thug lets out a yell.   “Ooooo, that looks like that hurt!” you exclaim, mockingly.   Kicking his lead leg, the man falls forward and bangs his head into the frame as well. You raise an eyebrow.   He really IS an idiot!   Two well placed kidney blows, an elbow to the back of the head…and he’s out for the count. Ready for the next fight, you take a step down the stairs.     Stay in the hallway and fight, go to page #101   They have weapons, retreat to your room, go to page #102  


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