World Timeline

Dawning of Creation

... 1200

  • -200 d

    -400 d

    Ancient Council of 50
    Life, Organisation Association

    Evolu archeologists discover a set of seven stones at an undisclosed site upon Isumiir. These stones contain deeply etched ancient script, predating the records of The Great Library of The Hero.


  • 5343 s


    Castle Andilain completed
    Construction beginning/end

  • 5364 s


    City of Andilain established
    Construction beginning/end

  • 6000 s


    Gnomes flee Andilain
    Life, Relocation

    Constant invasions upon Andilain by Mahan's horde put thousands of Gentre at risk. More than two thousand of the little-folk were slaughtered and eaten by Vallen scouts, prompting a mass exodus from the continent.   With little regard for their own safety, the Gentre cast their fate upon the waters of the southern ocean and left their homeland, looking for another.

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  • 6011 s

    Daxanu (Dax) is Born
    Life, Birth

  • 6018 s

    6071 s

    Mahan wages world war
    Military action

  • 6021 s

    6072 s

    Council of Whispers is formed
    Diplomatic action

    Due to the great losses of the war waged by Mahan the Races of Light united to form the Nuevo-Kuisa, or 'Council of Whispers' to formulate a plan to defeat Mahan once and for all.

  • 6068 s

    Neuvo-Kuisa calls upon Eamon
    Diplomatic action

    The war against Mahan is failing. Millions are dying against the encroaching races of darkness, so the Neuvo-Kuisa accept council from The Hero and call upon an unlikely band of mägo misfits, including an expelled clerk form the University of Magic, named 'Eamon' to craft a method of capturing the Dark Lord.

  • 6072 s

    Mahan Banished to Unrest
    Life, Supernatural

    Mahan is captured, bound, and with the help of the Gnolaum and the mägo Morphiophelius, is banished through the original Prime Gate and sent to the distant planet of Unrest.   Nature itself rends the land. Dragons Chasm openes further, and supernatural occurances are experienced across the globe.

  • 6737 s

    Wendell P. Dipmier arrives in Erumiri
    Religious event

    Wendell P. Dipmier is retrieved by the Iskari High Council using their messenger, Dax.   Wendell is taken, in secret, by The High Elder into The Key and given The Hero's Inheritance , also know as the Ithari.   Once the Gem had been bestowed upon the youth from Earth, Wendell was brought to The Bedurrim, to meet with the full council.

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