Only fools believe their world by what they see.   There are beings of incredible power and influence walking beside us at all times and in all places, unknown to those living in the flesh. Many exist to help us. Most encourage us to fall.   Others still are sent to pass judgment for deeds done in life.   Unto the good, peace, and tranquility when the day is over.
To the evil, a demise to welcome an eternity of suffering--an existence with a perfect knowledge of what you could have had, but refused the gift.   Four such beings, unbeknownst to the world--were sent by Pääjuma Himself, to usher in the final hours before judgement.   Fortunately for us...they came just a tad early.
Next to the Demoni Vankil my interest has run deep to know more about the legends of The Four Horsemen. And while my colleagues scoff at my determination to assertain the truth, the FAF provides a decend foundation to support my claims of these beings actually existing.  
From the beginning of our great city of Clockworks, there are accounts of beings of great power, walking our lands and visiting our people. Four distinct men upon four horses, both armed and focused on the destruction of this people.   So what happened? Where are they now?   I have a theory...      

Clockworks Oldest Law firm

Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise is the first law firm in Clockworks, established in 6244s, less than a month after the first Court of Justice was established among the tinkerer clans. Since that day, Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise has thrived during every conflict,
tribulation, and political administration in gnome history.   They have never lost a case. Ever.   How is that even possible? Even the best attorneys have off-days, stumble, err in one form or another...   When compiling this information, I have to admit that this single fact seemed a bit odd to me, so I did more research. Here are a few facts that just don't make sense:  
  • SMTM is the only firm in the history of Clockworks City that has never lost a case. There are no hints of bribes, threats, or blackmail to ensure cases were won.
  • Other firms specialize in litigation, small claims, corporate, or even criminal law, Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise specializes in…law. All of it. They are registered with every guild in the city, in every district in the city, and records show they even practice law outside Pävärios.
  • Tax records show only four regular clients on their books. Three are blacked out by court order, the fourth being Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck).
  • There isn't a single photo, video, or audio available of any lawyer of this firm.
  • UPDATE: The FAF Historical Collection was generous enough to contribute two photos (after hours, with a portable scanner) reported to be members of SMTM. I cannot confirm this, but there is a court order banning anyone from viewing or publishing these snapshots (whoops). I mean, why would the archives not want to share such lovely photos?
  • Most established firms upon hearing SMTM taking a case will immediately schedule private negotiations.
  • All four families of Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise have always resided at the same address--the Qantir Estate
  The younger, hungry firms—those trying to establish a presence in the legal community often make the mistake of challenging the four stoic and unassuming lawyers in court. Such lawyers never last against the 500-year-old firm.   To this day, the only firm that has created any type of non-confrontational relationship with Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise is the second-largest law firm in the city: Briney, Bardsley, & Clarence.   …cause the BBC knows when to keep their mouth shut.
  So WHY do I believe Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise are in fact, the actual Four Horsemen?   Let me show you.    

Controlled Economy

The deeper I dig, the more I find SMTM involved. Our national economy, established in 484ct (6485s) with Tri-Gear National Bank, was backed by gold and silver minted by The Gear Reserve.  
What most don't know, is if you do a deep entity search (and happen to have friends in the county records office willing to slip you a few files for a few credits and an open tab on Ladies Night), you'll discover something disturbing. Tri-Gear National Bank and TGR are owned by a series of shell companies Tri-Gear National Bank by Bucketload Industries, while TGR is owned by Apparition, INC.   Both of these are subsidiaries of Kahuna Properties, which is wholly owned by STILENCE, MISH, TRITION, AND MISE!    

Controlled Communications

In 6444s the largest case in history came before the High-High Court: Maximus Barr vs Interchange, Ltd.. The entire city was thriving, connected by fiberoptics--people able to communicate instantly through the use of the famous Tolk-Chat™ platform.  
The problem here was that Interchange, Ltd., a data collection company with exclusive military contracts was the one in charge of installing the new system throughout the city.   Barr lost the case in a 7-2 vote against, after hearing the rebuttal by, guessed it...the Law Firm of Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise.   When I did further investigation, I found that Interchange, Ltd. was granted that contract due to a specific clause in the formal bid paperwork, which states:
"All contractual installation agreements with Tolk-Chat Communications™ are issued under the obligation of using Replicate, LLC. for all data collection, storage, migration, and delivery as their primary platform. Installation company(s) agrees to pay damages upon violation of this clause, to the sum of 60% net worth of collected data at the time of the violation."
  Guild records show Replicate, LLC.'s controlling stock was acquired during a hostile takeover by Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise!   I am only scratching the surface here, but I felt it was important to share the events where I had concrete evidence. My efforts have shifted to the non-public activities of the Four Horsemen, but without technology to track them (social media, traffic cams, audio recordings), I'm forced to resort to good 'ol fashioned investigative efforts. that's what I'm doing next.
[To be continued...]  

Current SMTM Members


Cartoon created with first hand descriptions.

Peter Stilence V

AGE: 81
EYES: Crystal Blue
HAIR: Golden Blonde with streaks of white
HEIGHT: 3’ 3”
WEIGHT: 62lbs
Read Peter's Bio
Head Lawyer for the firm, Mr. Stilence is known as a true negotiator. Fair-skinned and golden hair, he always attends court in a white suit and deep purple tie. His ability to win over the hearts of any jury is unmatched.

Cartoon created with first hand descriptions.

Sky Mish III

AGE: 77
EYES: Black
HAIR: Curly, Smokey Blue
HEIGHT: 3’ 5”
WEIGHT: 71lbs
Read Sky's Bio
Mr. Mish is known for his aggressive cross-examinations. His ability to recall facts and events in perfect order coupled with his blood-red suit and piercing gaze make him the perfect intimidator in court.

Cartoon created with first hand descriptions.

Mal Trition IV

AGE: 74
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Short, White
HEIGHT: 3’ 1”
WEIGHT: 80lbs
Read Mal's Bio
Mr. Trition, is known as the equalizer of the team. Always sporting a deep brown tailored suit, he uses a golden set of scales as a visual. These scales are known to intimidate both the opposing counsel as well as the presiding judge.   Judge Cromby of District 10 once stated, “The scales seemed to have a life of their own, rising or falling as a witness gave their various testimonies. Every time the scales equaled out, the council would close their remarks.


Cartoon created with first hand descriptions.

Dee Mise VI

AGE: 85
EYES: Pale Grey
HAIR: Bald
HEIGHT: 3’ 4”
WEIGHT: 55lbs
Read Dee's Bio
Mr. Mise, also a powerful negotiator is primarily used in violent crime cases, negotiating damages/sentences with both judges and juries. When he stands among his peers in his pale green suit sharing his insight and reason, his gravel voice brings facts to the case while keeping all eyes on him. Rumors say he's never been denied what he seeks.
Believed to be a photo of Mal Trition II  
Believed to be a photo of Sky Mish II
The cover to the court case exposing SMTM's connections to possible illegal data collection. Listen to the audio below:      
"...I don't know when ships arrived, but Kale and I hid in the brush further up on the bank once we saw the giants hit the beach. Terrifying they were, with their huge fangs, rusted armor and swords the size of propeller blades!   But then we saw him.   A single gnome dressed in a red suit, walking with a gnarled cane. He walked down to the giants, calm as could be!   There were some words exchanged between them, though I don't know what was being said...   Then the giants charged. in, they roared, whipped out their swords, axes, and hammers--and charge that poor gentle-gnome dressed in the nice red suit. was over. Just like that. There had to be thirty heads, rolling in the sand, while the gnome in red wasn't there anymore. his place was some guy in shimmering red armor, holding a glowing red sword!"
— Journal of Malcolm Vickory, 303ct  
Mr. Luckyfeller,   We can appreciate your enthusiastic interest in the mystical and arcane, but we find your constant badgering over this rather humorous theory of yours, a bit disconcerting.   However, after Professor Fumblestore looked over your...repeated requests, he has agreed for a few members of our staff to look through our library for any signs out of the ordinary. To be specific, we have traced our records from 6090s to the present.   As much as I dislike agreeing with you, Mr. Luckyfeller, it seems there have been powerful magical disturbances across your homeland on a semi-regular basis. These signs do not correlate with the magical aspects of any other mägo from your society.   It is alien in nature.  
~University of Magic Administration
P.S. Please refrain from sending further requests on this subject, as the staff has been instructed to use your correspondence to start the cooking stoves or fertilize the garden.
I am not deterred by my lack of support in this investigation.   A pattern has come to my attention, concerning the lower districts of the city.   Whenever crime has pushed past the bounds of shadows and reports reach the media, we find some form of catastrophic event follows.
  --Gangs caught trafficking kids = Their warehouse base goes up in flames
--City-wide ring of Retirement Home Abuse/Theft = Accused parties are simultaneously found dead
--Greedy Farmers accused of horrific abuse in slaughterhouses = Animals turn on accused   This may not seem like anything special until you look deeper:
  • The warehouse fire did not harm any surrounding structures, even though the building was condemned and without fire-barriers.
  • There were 133 people involved in the Retirement Home abuse. Finding them all dead, at the same time, in a city with 1.5 billion gnomes is still possible...but they all died from starvation.
  • Animals revolting against abuse isn't anything new...except when the slaughterhouses have more than 1000 employees per factory and the animals ONLY attacked the guilty.
  • But here's the clincher: In every case I investigated, the accused were served with 'cease and desist' court orders.   ...all from Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise.  
    ~ Höbin


    First Contact

    6051 s 6104 s

    • 6051 FC-PC

      7 /7


      War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, known as The Four Horsemen arrive on Elämä.   The appearance first comes as a fog settling over the land. The echoing sound of hooves over stone, which rings in every ear. A great storm grows out of the hoofbeat, until the ground shakes with thunder and lightning, insuring a captive audience.   The Four locate the highest peak overlooking the village of Tumblenut and announce to the inhabitants they have come to bring about the End of Days.   Yet there is a lull in the storm...   The horsemen find themselves off-course.   Instead of traveling from their celestial home and the Eternal presence of Pääjuma to appear upon one of the main continents--they find themselves upon the rocky shores of distant Pävärios, homeland of the gnomes.

    • 6051 FC-PC

      9 /7

      Disaster / Destruction

      Sensing the presence of The Four Horsemen The Hero steps in to prevent the destruction of the Gentre.   The gnomes flee to the far side of the island, abandoning Tumblenut.   A great battle ensues between the Gnolaum and horsemen, destroying a large portion of Pävärios and surrounding resources.   The horsemen are held at bay, to their astonishment...and the Ithari is revealed.

    • 6051 FC-PC

      10 /7

      The Accusation
      Civil action

      The Four Horsemen are accused of 'attempted genocide' by the Hero.   As the Celestial beings had no authority to inflict their will upon mortals before their assigned time from the heavens, the acts of violence upon the peaceful and innocent Gentre people was, in fact, a violent crime, punishable by death.   As immortals, death was not a viable option. The Hero, instead, calls for bound servitude to pay the debt of the crime.   After much deliberation, the Horsemen resign themselves to the truth of their error. They submit themselves to the will of the Gnolaum.   They are placed under arrest by the law of the land, bound by the power of the Ithari to this world for the duration of their sentence.   The great mägo Morphiophelius (a.k.a. Chuck) steps in to negotiate on behalf of the gentre. He suggests the Horsemen serve their sentence in anonymous service to the gnomes--to ensure their survival over the next 812 years (the established time the entities were supposed to arrive).

    • 6083 FC-PC

      SMTM first recorded
      Gathering / Conference

      During the spring season of 6083, four gnomes are found washed up on shore just outside Tumblenut   The gnomes are all male, young, and claim to be mägo fleeing Humär.   They seek refuge, offering their talents for the good of the community, and are openly accepted.   Signatures in the town record:
      SKY MISH
      DEE MISE

    • 6091 FC-PC

      7 /5

      Harvest Miracle
      Metaphysical / Paranormal event

      With food storage depleted, no wildlife left upon the island, and crop failure for the third season in a row, the gnomes faced starvation. History has this recorded as the Great Famine of 6091, attributing the hardship of twenty-four adults and sixty-three child deaths to starvation.   On the seventh day of the 5th month, the island of Pävärios was inundated with sea sprites -- tiny bird which nests on the rocky ledges near the sea. The foul landed without fear, allowing the gentre to gather the new meat source without trouble.   Heavy rain commenced at nightfall, lasting three days.   Over one hundred statements have attested that on the morning of the third day, citizens of Tumblenut rose to fields of mature crops across the landscape. Enough was harvested to carry the community through the season and the following winter.   Records show over the next seven years, farmers were able to grow three times the crops each season without compulsory means.

    Endearment Era

    6105 s 6223 s

    • 6105 EE-PC


      Ore without Effort
      Discovery, Exploration

      As the gentre population contiues to thrive, new habitations are required to house the population explosion. More that 80% of the continent's forests had been harvested.
        During a town meeting with Mayor Hubert Panhandle, the question of resources is answered by Peter Stilence...
        A deposit of ore has been discovered within a day's journey by foot. The deposit turns out to be the largest ever discovered--used even to this day.
        The cave, found in a well-mapped region, contains enough supplies to furnish every tinkerer in the community.

    • 6189 EE-PC


      Death Refused
      Plague / Epidemic

      Without proper sanitation, the Black Shadow spreads among the populace, infecting more than 300,000 gnomes, which is exacerbated by the winter cold.   Records state that four gnomes, all elderly, were completely unaffected by the illness--and administered to the population with the help of 8,624 volunteers.   These volunteers were 'blessed' by the hand of the gnome referred to as 'Father Dee'.   Though nearly 12,000 of the infected populace passed from this mortal realm to the horrid disease, not a single volunteer blessed caught the Black Shadow, nor fell ill in any way.  

    Era of Law

    6224 s 6738 s

    • 6224 EoL

      7 /7

      Clockworks City is Born

      The initial foundation of Clockworks City is completed and made habitable for the people.   Peter Stilence II is asked by Mayor Cooper to do the honor of dedicating the enormous structure.   As a hush washes over the crowd of nearly two million gnomes in Gear Valley, without mircophone or speakers, the prayer of Stilence is heard by every ear and reverberated through each heart.  
      "We gather unto Thee TGII, to give thanks for the bounteous blessings and abundant resources to build this nation of love and unity.   May nothing go to waste, and the people continue to prosper unlike any other nation. Bless their minds to be open, their hearts to remain free in Thy service and in the service of one another.   Above all, I pray Thy protective hand to be over these good people...whom we have come to love as our own flesh. Amen."   Recorded by Father Dillert of the 3 Bolt Brotherhood
        Stilence placed a hand reverently upon the closest wall as the air was rent with the cheers by Clockwork's new citizens.

    • 6226 EoL

      7 /7

      A Constitution is Formed
      Diplomatic action

      A Clockworks City Constitution is drafted by Sky Mish II and Mal Trition II.   The 35-page document presented to the City Council for debate and amendments.   Within three months, the Constitution is ratified and voted upon.   It is unanimously accepted.

    • 6244 EoL

      15 /6

      Court of Justice Established

      The Clockworks Council assigns Stilence, Mish, Trition and Mise to help form a Court of Justice with 50 hand-picked gnomes of character among the citizens to be the first Judges of Clockworks City.   The goal of the CoJ is to form a set of laws to guide society as it continues to grow and flourish.   Though the four agree to assist in the designing of the laws and their ramifications, they refuse to take any role as Judges.

    • 6244 EoL

      7 /7

      Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise Law Firm Established

      Clockwork City's first law firm opens its doors.   The firms' first client is the Court of Justice.   SMTM is commissioned to create the city standard tests to qualify future lawyers for practicing law.

    • 6444 EoL

      7 /7

      Maximus Barr vs Interchange, Ltd.
      Political event

      Attorney General, Maximus Barr appears before Clockwork City's High-High Court, asking the government to rescind the contract issued to Interchange, Ldt. in connection with Tolk-Chat Communications™.   Final vote was 7-2 Against.   Stilence, Mish, Trition, and Mise represented the defendant.


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