No one gave the popular 40' battling bots a second glance while fighting with 20-foot swords made from commercial steel, or launching mini-pulse rockets which shock the very ground of the stadium. Millions of gnomes cheered in their seats while S.L.A.G.s beat one another into piles of scrap.   ...until Thule invaded Pävärios.   The Vallen, Therrin and Täuku flooded into Clockworks City, slaughtering the Gentre. This ewho were lucky enough to escape, ran to the lower levels of the city, seeking refuge in District 12 through 20.   It was here that the greatest mechanics worked together with the Centurion military to craft a bastardized version of a S.L.A.G., for the express purpose of saving gnome life. Vehicles which could be built, charged, and armed quickly with what was available and engage directly with their cannibalistic enemy.  

S.L.A.G.G.E.R.S. were born!

  Designed and created by Trench Wars' famous S.L.A.G. mechanic Freak, a new breed of powerful robot was crafted literally overnight.   Forced to retreat to their personal warehouse, Freak and his TNT crew, met with General Crombe Steelbottom. Surrounded by his top guard, Steelbottom requested a way for an average soldier to engage a superior enemy without having to fall back on pilot training.   Luckily Freak had designed a special new technology for Wendell P. Dipmier when he'd shown up at Trench Wars masquerading as a gnome-pilot. The new system allowed for anyone able to play a videogame to pilot a full-sized S.L.A.G. within minutes of using the controls.   With a warehouse full of parts and a district of booming manufacturers, the TNT crew had all the resources they needed to put the plan into play. Within 24 hours, the RAT crews of every Trench War team had a new mini-S.L.A.G. ready for combat. Equipped with extreme firepower and enhanced joints, each soldier was protected by a 3" thick steel cage able to withstand gunfire and small anti-tank missiles.   It was time to slay the greatest enemies the Gentre had ever known.   When Thule broke through the Centurian defenses protecting the lower levels of the city, the S.L.A.G.G.E.R.S. engaged.   The enemy never had a prayer.  


Named by the soldier who use them, S.L.A.G.G.E.R.S. stand for Strong, Lithe, Armored, Grunts, Getting, Extreme, Revenge, Sucker!


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