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Axys Tirne

By PZansei

36 0 0 0

[Center][B]Godly superpowers are now [i]15% off![/i][/B][/Center] In this alternate timeline where 21st century science developed pharmaceutical drugs that grant superpowers, the potential of humankind and the potential job market is polarized now more than...

Aden's Complete List of Nostrums

By Jfizzy69

1347 1 0 612

This book was made and published in Andrial.

A Blazing Patio

By Rahjar

1222 0 0 1177

The world is in a sad state, no one knows how it got so messed up, but we know it was after Covid-21. The world had been optimistic then. This is now. The world is no longer optimistic, everyone's buried brothers, friends, parents, children. Everyone wears...