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Recently Published

Allison's Defeat

By jrcsalter

11 0 0 5322

[h2]The further she runs from her fate The closer the Devil's Emissary marches to his.[/h2] [quote]An enjoyable ride. I'm definitely glad I read it.|Brandon Hale, author of the Day Soldiers saga[/quote] Sixteen year old Allison has definite plans for her...

The Life of Webb Artural

By Tobus

51 0 0 7039

This autobiography was written by my oldest and best friend, Webb Artural. It contains the events of his life from learning about the Academy, leading up to the tragic events of his greatest discovery. He was working on his autobiography for a good portion...

The Maiden's Request

By WriterGreg

13 1 0 4372

Master horseman, Henrik of Rickenvatten, finds himself in the foreign imperial palace of Chienhu. A stranger in a strange land. His skills brought him under the scrutiny of the Grand Secretary and the admiration of Princess Jing. His only hope is to keep his...

God Noise

By Mar Qaroll

34 0 0 21711

[h2]Series Information[/h2] An echo is a sound that lasts long after the being or thing that created it has ceased to make noise, usually growing faint as it continues, and reflecting off every surface. Like an echo, the major events surrounding the immortal...

Commonwealth Planets: Shattered World

By Freeballs93

26 1 1 1544

Commander Tracer and his crew aboard the Xiphos are tasked with finding who is responsible for the increasing attacks on commonwealth and EU shipping and planets in the Diores sector. As they slowly close in on these unknown raiders a larger threat begins...

The Southern Magicks

By Geek_Aflame

31 2 0 38197

Dexter was trained in the magical art of Mediumship by his Gran who gave him an appreciation for the danger posed to those with rare magical abilities. Assuming that his friends and family are normal non-magical humans Dexter works to keep his secret from...

Waiting at World's End

By WaywardDreaming

25 1 0 3903

Waiting at World's End is a short story / novella set during the apocalypse that proceeds the first book of Wayfaring Strangers. It takes place in an undetermined airport somewhere between Las Vegas and Houston as a pair of survivors come to terms with their...

Calls From The Grave

By Tris

96 3 0 927

AMA-kind-of-style personal essays mostly about writing, because why not :) If you want me to write about something specific, feel free to post a comment or shoot me a message on Discord. This will be a highly experimental place. In another words: a complete...

Dead Meat

By Qurilion

146 11 2 10907

A debt to the mob, a dead champion and a factory of industrial-reanimation all conspire to make a rough day for Andrew.


By Shaudawn

6 0 0 6172

The ink has only just dried on the Treaty of Surrender. The last of the rescue ships flying over Serenity Valley have finally stopped trying to distinguish between them that need rescue, and them that need burial. And it will be some time before a young...

Incaras Stories

By Mutterwolf

12 0 0 2354

These are stories of characters and events in the City of Mercenaries, Incaras

The Crown

By TheStoryBeard

19 1 0 7652

The city of Taruil lays in ruins, ransacked by the monsters of the forest. The armies of Trom, led by king Donovan himself, have arrived too late. Enraged by the city's destruction, the rescue mission becomes a quest for vengeance. But strange powers are at...

Summer Camp 2020

By gfishbone

106 5 0 2690

Poems and articles inspired by World Anvil's Summer Camp 2020 prompts.

Long Live the Thing

By Mar Qaroll

22 2 0 3502

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] Bastar knows what he is. He is Darkness itself given life, molded into the harmless shape of a child and spat out into the harsh realities of a cryptically deceptive world. After he accidentally commits a great sin, he falls into a deep spiral...

Relics of War

By AntimatterNuke

28 0 0 6008

Xenologist Vexan investigates a post-apocalyptic alien planet, where civilization destroyed itself in a deluge of thermonuclear hatred.

The Raving of a mad developer

By Dimitris

107 4 1 50

Seriously unscheduled and probably rambly. These are the voyages of the Starship World Anvil. Dimi's Ravings is an irregular blog about the life in World Anvil HQ and all that it entails.

Scourge of the East

By Espen-Johansen

147 0 0 32706

This story is set 10 years before the events of The Age of Calamitous series and follows the Navy Captain, Feregreth Sorrowhill as he ventures out on a covert operation.

Follow You Down: Drowned

By lengna

194 0 1 275

A Comic set in JauVon. The bugwar has just ended and the Vondren Government turns its attentions to something else. A strange project involving a relatively unknown ex-pirate doctor who's skill matches his ego, and most well known and powerful rover corporation.

Tales From The Roadkill Tavern: Butter & Rum

By WantedHero

157 15 1 8850

Mystery. Magic. Adventure. That's what the bard promises. Anything for coin or a pint of his favorite drink. But once in a while some catch Terrin in a special mood...and he lets slip his most precious secrets.

Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West

By Sable Aradia

181 0 0 9415

In a post-apocalyptic Saskatchewan, the Gunslingers are a holy order of Law empowered to keep the peace and protect the common people. They have supernatural powers to back it up. The Walsh siblings are about to find themselves entangled in the nefarious...

Human Shed Skin: Inhuman

By Mar Qaroll

70 0 0 7480

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] [1 of 3] Expert hunter of the denizens of Hell and anything inhuman, Jean-Luc Lowell, believed in his family’s credence that inhumans are the lowest kind of creatures, scourges of the planet and deserve to be eliminated. But after a bold...

These Days: Dazani

By lengna

53 1 0 4946

Dazani thought her biggest worry was whether she made her teacher upset, unfortunately she couldn't be more wrong as she gets caught up in the interplanetary politics of Jaumun and Vondren. While acting as a translator between her mother's people and the Vondren...

She's One of Us [Real-time Story]

By Mar Qaroll

67 0 0 4650

[center][h1]Mar is currently offline![/h1][/center] [hr] [h2]Synopsis[/h2] It's been twenty-two years since his sister died. Twenty-two years to mourn, to come to terms and to hope for revenge. After a mere phone call, a girl halfway across the continent is...

Look Out!

By BasicDragon

74 3 2 696

The only flash fic I have ever written. Edited by Hayate Summary: The first key to self-defense is awareness. Photo used in cover by Daoudi Aissa @

Hope's End

By arty

208 15 1 14542

A handful of tankers are sent on a mission which they were told would be a guaranteed success. As more and more things go wrong however, the promise starts to crumble until there is only hope left... but even hope isn't infinite. (This novel is a WIP! Stay...


By gfishbone

78 1 0 648

Tricked for the last time by the titan Prometheus, Zeus vows revenge on the entire mortal race. His weapon of choice: Pandora. Verse by verse, the poems in this Pandora's puzzlebox can be unlocked by clues hidden throughout the Mythology in Verse pages.

Pride and Prejudice

By Janet

494 12 5 121189

A timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice follows witty Elizabeth Bennet as she negotiates her impossible family and her poor marriage prospects. A hilarious comedy of manners that more than stands the test of time.

Is that a Rocket in your Pocket?

By lengna

52 4 0 5484

Starting as a play by post rp and periodically converted to prose, 'Is that A rocket in your Pocket' is a meandering ramble. The Story follows Ora and Ron as they bumble their way into a relationship, and all the people they drag into the mix. An ongoing...

And Then, An Amazon

By gfishbone

119 1 0 5199

After the rage of Achilles, after the funeral of Hector, after all the events of [i]The Iliad[/i], the Greek and Trojan armies resume their years-long stalemate. And then, an Amazon comes. Can Penthesileia and her crew turn the tide of the war? A lost Epic...

Into the Woods

By therambogeeks

163 2 1 999

When the timbermen come, what lengths will the guardian go to? Who can protect the Brightcastle Woods?

BT Book 1: Wolf Bound

By amelianite

96 0 0 7028

Book 1 of the Bound Series. Warning: If you can't handle extreme angst, this isn't the story for you. Kěith Cheonsa is the son of the most powerful vampire in existence, Vladimir Tepes. His lifestyle congregates around money, fame, blood, and exotic pet...

Ride to Ukkan Isle

By BrokenJac

185 6 6 9661

[center][Novelette][/center] Loque Rejima stands at the edge of his own world, the tense peace falling apart as he begins to Break. Spirits dance around his head; memories of the long past haunt Loque's thoughts; and Loque races to find a way to save himself...

Tales from the Roadkill Tavern: QUIETUS

By WantedHero

556 11 2 5213

Boden Rigg is a merchant of the Black Market with a shady reputation. After a career of making fortunes from the tragedy of others, Fate comes to collect its wages.

The Runner

By gfishbone

375 9 0 4896

In a time of disease and social distancing, the seven-gated City of Thebes cowers in fear. But in the city's darkest hour, a new hero will rise. Following in the footsteps of Ino, a true Spartoi runs...toward death!