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The Scarlet Ashes

By Dylonishere123

54 2 0 6130

Morrigan enjoys both fame and infamy among those in the know. Behind her cold eyes of jade lies a passion, a rage as dangerous as it is horrifying. She fights to usurp what is rightfully hers. Like a vengeful queen, she will take back what is hers: a crown...

Look Out!

By BasicDragon

334 0 2 696

The only flash fic I have ever written. Edited by Hayate Summary: The first key to self-defense is awareness. Photo used in cover by Daoudi Aissa @

The Thorns Roleplaying Game

By JohanWq

56 0 0 6207

A roleplaying game for stories where the danerously supernatural cross over with the frighteningly real. You take on the role of someone who has started to see the dark things hiding behind what others think is reality. You might have discovered some tools...