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Children's Stories

Castaway Island

By BendikStang

351 0 1 2390

A group of kids drifts across the open sea to a beautiful uncharted island. They begin to build, explore, and uncover the mysteries of the island while pirates are threatening their paradise. Earthlock Tales: Castaway Isle is about friendship and making the...

Faylinn's Bazaar Adventure

By jdtcreates

781 0 0 2956

A tanuki couple find an unexpected surprise of a baby fairy in the peaches they bought. As they take her home, we see how her martial arts upbringing will affect the market and word of an island dealing with some bandits...

Dog Prints: The Red Ranges

By Scirgirifa

1089 0 0 58692

A tale of a good boy trying to find his footing in the nonsensical world of humans.