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Psychological Thriller

Lantern of Frosted Glass

By General_LapDragon

47 0 0 27

After the death of his tormentor, a starving boy struggles to care for the infant he is left with and survive in an lawless, unforgiving land.

Masks & Matches

By KenzieB

326 0 0 4

Olivia Parker had the perfect life. She was given her dream Purpose Placement, Guardian of Mental Health. She was Matched with the best guy a girl could ask for & the most amazing best friend who's been by her side since Starter school. Jack & Elena were the...

Wonders of Aria

By CreativeVulpine

773 0 0 61

Aria, a technologically modern world with a long-forgotten magical past, has succumbed to the wrath of an incorporeal entity known as Vermin. Vermin's influence spreads like a plague bringing out the worst in its victims. Fear, anger, distrust, and aggression...