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By M. A. E. Krawczyk

1135 0 0 1800

Pedra is a world united beneath the watchful eyes of the Holy Mother. Silvarus is a planet divided in the sudden absence of their Gods. Neither world can survive the changes to come without the influence of Fate itself.

The Sacred Well

By morganlefaye

93 0 0 1

Into the well we go! Ireland was once known as Inisfail to an ancient race of beings, the Tuatha de dannan. Among them lives goddess known as Airmed. We will follow her journey as she uncovers the lost knowledge of the magickal world of herbs and what happens...

Blood's Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story

By Kwyn Marie

1764 0 0 10827

King Shiel invaded neighboring Merren when rumors of bloodmages and sacrifice reached him. In the final push to rid the country of its murderous despot, he has sent Sikode, his premiere wielder and advisor, to discover the corruption hidden in the depths of...