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Science Fantasy,

Secrets of the Oort

By Kavriel

216 0 0 0

Whiskey, Bork, and Eriss plot to hijack the Helios Drive from the CRC and inadvertently trigger the Second Interplanetary War.

The Pulchran Encyclopedia

By MediaMix1

1721 0 0 1012

Learn everything there is about the Realm of Pulchra! From the beautiful ecumenopolis world of Terra, to the gloomy depths of Primordia itself. This includes - but isn't limited to - all sorts of different weapons, many types of armor (or armored units), and...

Rose - Rirth of an Immortal

By janthony1906

637 0 0 2610

For nearly one hundred years, the Centurions have led the Allied Planets against the tyranny of the Belkins, and yet there is no end in sight. The only fruits to grow from the blood-soaked battlefields are those of revenge. If you’re looking for revenge,...

Will to Light (WA)

By StrayBats

1067 0 0 1103

Sometimes running is the best option. For Nyte, a twelve-year-old Elite Initiate from First City, it means betrayal. For Hunter, an everyman from Kryme, it means cowardice. If given the choice, they know what they would choose, but if the choice was made for...

Reckless Truth

By Raven Elliot

15798 2 2 97352

When they were children, their brother was stolen and their mother killed. Elyan and Lydia Moore have dedicated their lives to finding out what really happened that night, and where their brother was taken - but the truth will throw them into chaos they could...

Samsara Engine System Administrator

By Loxley00

653 0 0 43742

In the distant far future humanity had spread through the vast ocean of space. After countless eons, humanity couldn't escape the problem of dwindling resources, even in the seemingly infinite bounty of the universe. To ensure the continued survival of humanity,...

Second Wind: Book 2: Echoes of Midday

By Asdradan

869 0 0 12130

A year has passed since the amber attack in Habralven and the trail has gone cold, until a second explosion occurs on the other side of the world near the sunken city of Kadrinja. Bassan and Castus head to the city, reuniting the lendari doctor with his time...