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Eldritch Horror

The Dark Book

By Robin Versloot

1269 0 0 6304

A journal from Jan Cornelis. He's a family man and down on his luck. To support his family he takes a job at the Zoological Society Magistra Artis Natura. Little does he know that there is more to the zoo than just the animals in cages.

A Silenced Echo

By MaximusErebus

3 0 0 6

[justify] Pierce -- the final ark to leave the planet known as Last Harbor, seeking the safety of the fabled Far Shore. Ten years after the starship began its journey, the First Generation crew was supposed to wake the Second, and transfer their responsibilities...

Account of the Events of 5E240

By Tarn_IV

3440 0 0 5560

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 5E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.