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Ruinous Secrets

By Adrell

915 0 0 8869

​A coming-of-age thriller about a lonely girl protecting a family secret that could get her killed. Fourteen-year-old Sydney Blaze does everything to satisfy her parents, even attend the prestigious Razor Stone Academy for villains. Her endless training prepared...

Curse of the Ancestor

By NathaliaBooks1993

703 0 0 24021

A new school year begins and after the test from the Headmaster of the Red Tempest Academy is it also open for humans. Only the only downside for that is the childeren who are coming are the childeren from vampire hunters. Leo is a senior this year and is...

Alder School Stories

By Kiyomo

232 0 0 1

Groupings of Short Stories during the early years of Alders studies and following his acceptance into the Battle Mage Academy, meeting new friends, and starting his career as a Pere/Librarian. The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has...

Twin souled

By NathaliaBooks1993

143 0 0 5833

Siobhan has trouble finding herself, and that during high school. Where every step you make is being watched. She tought that there was something like a LGBTQ+ Protocol. Soon she figures out that the protocol is not as solid as the students think, to many...