Just wanted to share a shred of history with you.  
This is how this fantasy world started out back in 2005...   Back before the Kindle was invented, when self-publishing was still looked upon as shameful and impossible to succeed in...I took the story of Wendell and created comic books to share with the world. It was my fathers idea, to be totally honest.   The comics were in PDF format and readers had my permission to print out as many copies as they liked--so long as you did not alter or sell them. From my WantedHero.com website, I sold ¢.97 downloads through Paypal to anyone I could find online (the internet was a LOT younger--and smaller--at that time).   What happened?   By the end of the first year, I'd gained readers in over 60 countries. The visiter count was somewhere slightly over 750,000 by December that year.   Still to this day I don't know how that happened, but kids seemed to like the story. They liked the comics. Readers apparently didn't have a problem with downloading a file and printing it off to read.   Still amazes me to this day. Wish it was still that easy.   Those are the original covers below--I thought you might enjoy seeing them after all these years.   I do still give out copies of the comics to my email list, which you can join by clicking right here.   If you'd like to hear even more history about this journey, want special and even exclusive stories you cannot buy elsewhere, consider signing up.   Enjoy!


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7 Apr, 2020 18:22

Amazing. Just downloaded and I can't wait to read them. Thank you!

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8 Apr, 2020 14:38

You are SO welcome!   Enjoy =)

Your New Favorite Author
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9 Apr, 2020 01:40

I read now everything and have to say just one thing: You Are a genius. This story is great, funny and well written. The artstyle is gorgeous as well! Have you more comics available? I would like to know what will happen after the 13, chapter.

10 Apr, 2020 16:21

Awwwww, you made my day. Thank you for that.   SO glad you like the comics. Unfortunately, I was in a car accident and my hands were damaged, which is why the comics stopped.   My next step is to get the main series written (on book #8 right now) and THEN I have plans to m ake the comics once more....but in COLOR! wooHOO.   Hope you'll stick around and enjoy the ride, Soulwing!   ...and you realize you can get the first novel for free, right? Why not give the 'full & correct' storyline a taste?   You might like it even more. (wink)

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11 Apr, 2020 06:59

Sounds like a plan ^^

7 Jun, 2020 13:39

I enjoyed them very much, can't wait to get my hands on more of the books too ;p

~Confused Soup
7 Jun, 2020 18:54

YAY! So glad you liked them, Lengna!!

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14 Aug, 2020 13:01

Love it

Friendly feathery Sheldoraptor
5 Oct, 2020 18:45

SO glad, Sage!   More to come.

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