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sexual violence

Ruler of The North - Book One: Empire Of Ice

By Little Flower Productions

95 0 0 3096

Emperor Lermesian has ruled Vulsria with an iron fist for many years, facing trials and overcoming seemingly impossible odds, leading his country to historical strength. Until he married Imare, Lermesian was sanguine that there was nothing that could unnerve...


By Mar Qaroll

161 1 0 1305

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] The Boogeyman is the name given to a supernatural entity with variants throughout the world in nearly every culture. What none are the wiser to is this entity comes in a pair. Bogar and Bojan masquerade as the wealthy Owën twins, dangerous,...

BT Book 2.5: Moon Bound

By amelianite

66 0 0 0

**Bound Trilogy Novella -- Read After Book Two Unless You Want MASSIVE Spoilers** Austïn Lén King never thought he'd have to watch his only son grow up from afar. To keep his relationship with his mate, Lucian McClain, secret from the Wolf Council, that's...

A Mercenary's Tale

By GrimIronBones

81 0 0 8379

The Northern and Southern Kingdoms have been at war for ages and stuck in a stalemate for just as long. That was until the Northern Kingdom hired a cutthroat mercenary by the name of Varen. Leading his forces south, Varen quickly gains the Southern Kingdom's...

A Few Good Elves

By SableAradia

1052 6 0 116380

[h3][center]Toy Soldier: A derogatory term for an elven marine.[/center][/h3] [i]Battles great and terrible, small and bitter, raged across Known Space as the wars of Elves and Orcs played out their legacy of hatred across the stars themselves. Epics would...