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Fantasy, Romance

Trixie's First Wish

By KaijuKojin

340 0 0 4620

Timmy's life since fifth grade has not changed much. He still wore his pink hat, thought a larger size. He still hung out with Chester and AJ, and he still loved the same girl with all his heart. "Trixie Tang..." He said dreamily as she walked by. Timmy...

Die Prophezeihung

By wintergoettin

158 0 0 10363

Gabrielle, entweder Gab oder Gabby genannt, ist die Retterin des Landes, auch wenn sie davon nichts ahnt. Durch das liebende Herz einer Mutter vor dem frühen Tod gerettet, wächst sie in einer rauen Welt heran und verliebt sich in einen Mann, in den sie sich...

Transmigrator Turned Beast Tamer Princess

By Nchristopherson

161 0 0 38411

Young Call-Center worker Nie Ruyi falls into an entirely new world, where her knowledge of monster types (gained by playing various Video Games, reading Fantasy Novels, and her weekly Dungeons and Dragons group) help her to create a whole new form of Cultivation. During...

Peter Pan but Make it Gay (needs a title)

By CharlyGracious

164 0 0 7718

A boy who refuses to grow up must face that fear to stop the shadows from destroying his world.

The Book & The Blade

By lessismoreau

18 0 0 2227

At the bottom of Stone Lake, Kaja discovers an otherworldly book that connects her with something–or someone–not of this realm. With book in hand, she learns how to wield a magic she never knew existed, although it was always there. All she needed was the...

The Gods of Dragons: Book 1, Fire and Ice

By dragonshadow58

1811 3 11 155866

[Note: Feedback wanted. This is a first draft  awaiting edits, so the perfect time to clarify and fix issues.] Millennium have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdom of man has risen into a...

When the Blood Moon Rises

By mwelsch678

111 1 0 3306

PRINCE KYVAN ANDURTH has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of Reaper Dreizhar shadowing his every waking hour. Unbeknownst to the Andurth family, a darker force, one that has been looming for...