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Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

1746 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....

Ruler of The North - Book One: Empire Of Ice

By Little Flower Productions

1900 0 0 3096

Emperor Lermesian has ruled Vulsria with an iron fist for many years, facing trials and overcoming seemingly impossible odds, leading his country to historical strength. Until he married Imare, Lermesian was sanguine that there was nothing that could unnerve...

Sunrises [Black Sun Series] - Book 0.5

By Geigas

55 0 0 0

There are beasts in the woods, intangible beings would black skin like shadows that live between the trees. Three children, a human and one of these creatures, cross the delicate barrier that challenges the very fabric of the peace that the group had come...

The Tale of Athee

By Jay Nevermore

1242 0 0 9548

Niar Mrots is a deeply religious girl, and a passionate altar server at the cathedral in her city. Her mother, cursed with an unknown wicked sickness, has been quarantined in the tombs under the cathedral with only a select few being allowed to see her. Niar's...

Moonsides [Black Sun Series] - Book 0

By Geigas

40 0 0 0

Seas of dark and cold brought forth light and sound that they couldn't perceive, or wouldn't, resting beyond the grain of time and space within the confines of a gilded cage of their own creation. It, them, him, her; holding no meaning as they brought forth...

Heavenly Hell

By moonflower-writing

1661 0 0 103

Delmenia is a world where bird-winged Angels and insect-winged Demons run amok. In the capital city of Rothos - Helemia, a young Angel named Jesse finds himself bestowed with a great honor. Jesse has been appointed as a Seraph - a guardian of the Archangel...

Brave Sword: The Saga Begins - Sword That Blocks Out the Sun

By Reyajh

1012 0 0 5152

It's been 100 years since the Varuto crash landed on U'teron. 100 years since King Tyronius Endryn forsook 'Nomonics' and embraced the local's 'Monarchic' form of governance. Their hopes of finding new knowledge remained thwarted - frustrated. Their technology...

sweet smelling rot

By inka_schinken

1056 0 0 26459

Three step-brothers out of Utah make their living by killing people until death stops working in the middle of their last job. Now, they are on the run from the police and their boss as strange visions guide them to where Kali, the god of death and destruction,...

Foxes' Prey

By mastergentleman

1297 0 0 37734

Vincent Galvan has prospered for years as a wayfinder, guiding travelers across all of Seliador and surviving countless adventures and ordeals. Yet when two travelers from the Vaether Republic contract his skills, he finds himself in the midst of a perilous...

Until Valhalla

By SgtVapes

1413 0 0 38846

Thordon Arnthorson and his Danish Viking clan is attacked by the Wessex army at their home. The Wessex army is lead by Lord Sawein, a man who furiously hates and despises all pagans and heathens in the land and wishes to be rid of them for good. Sawein uses...