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These Days: Dazani

By lengna

2103 1 0 4946

Dazani thought her biggest worry was whether she made her teacher upset, unfortunately she couldn't be more wrong as she gets caught up in the interplanetary politics of Jaumun and Vondren. While acting as a translator between her mother's people and the Vondren...

Bad Boy - Draft 02

By Geigas

329 0 0 46518

Note (At the beginning): This story is NOT a happy one, and this may, or may not, end happily. To this end, Dash (whom I have donned the name "Michael", with Dash being his given nickname) will be subject to many very violent, abusive, and unpleasant situations....

"Bad Boy" - Draft 01

By Geigas

599 0 0 14058

The architypal bully, classical in his insults and popularity, by neither couldn't be further than the truth.

The Monster They'd Made - Draft 01

By Geigas

568 0 0 838

It wasn't as if he'd had to think particularly hard about it. It was his life for theirs, and if he were honest, he was pretty surprised to find hear that she hadn't asked, or rather told him earlier. She'd known he'd taken it, that illusion of a choice. That...


By lengna

949 0 0 1605

A collection of short stories revolving around the RazorRoze pirate crew spanning the whole of its existence, from creation to its disbandment.


By lengna

1034 1 1 2590

A collection of stories about the Raicravd Orchestra, namely Chole's section.

BS Book 1: Wolf Bound

By amelianite

11941 1 0 54940

Book 1 of the Bound Series. Warning: If you can't handle extreme angst, this isn't the story for you. "Like Underworld meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Supernatural!" On the planet of Eskǎvaëís lives Kěith Cheonsa, the...