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Bronze age

Nanowrimo #1

By CorsairAquilus

384 0 0 0

The year is 466 TE. The crew of the penteconter Phoenix, led by their captain Brysos of Avadia, return to the city of Port Avadia after a successful journey to the colonies of the Southwest, seeking to take on new contracts and passengers. Little does Brysos...

The Ormond Run

By CorsairAquilus

2293 0 0 4073

The Ormond Run is a short story/novella that follows the adventures of the Avadian penteconter [i]Phoenix[/i], its crew, and its captain, Brysos of Avadia, on a trade voyage through the Beyan Archipelago and the Calinan Sea.

Athizo of the Northern Twin


1048 0 0 0

In the early years of the Time of Three Athizo was the City-Lord of the Northern Twin.