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Heroic fantasy

The Storm Winds of Glazglubin

By IsaNite

3226 2 0 26658

"My father once told me: 'There is a monster in every man, boy. Within me, there is a host, and one day it'll be yours to command.' The thing is, he still believes it. When Maya and I fled the Old Country and joined the Keepers of the Middle Lands, we left...

The Champion Saga

By S.P. Jayaraj

1109 1 0 4353

This is the tale of the five Brimhurs, as told by Jahnhassen. 100 talismans are corrupting the world, and if not dealt with will lead to the eventual destruction of Adijari. The five Brimhurs must find and destroy these talismans to prevent this horror. The...

Tales of the Nine

By essentiallyawerebear

151 0 0 331

These tales are considered myths by most, and while there is likely more to the stories, these oral traditions were finally recorded on parchment in there present form which can be found in any temple in the Pentaverate.

FT Book 1: Kiss of the Dragon

By amelianite

898 0 0 1678

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild! For some, it can be a place of happiness. For others…not so much. Meet Rosaleta Argesi, an S-Class Wizard with an unsettling amount of magic. She alone can rival Laxus Dreyar, Gildarts Clive, and the 10 Wizard Saints. But...

The King's Playground

By Il'lihan

1002 0 0 0

Edward Otherworld had wished to break free from Gaisgaich's borderline opressive governement and millitary. He had wished that, by doing so, he could bring with him those who held simmilar beliefs, and in a way that was what happened. The declaration fo...

Watcher's Rising

By TrixQuinzel

2742 0 0 27037

The night Mylea Rathiain's family are slaughtered in their beds, she is sent on a path that she would never have expected to find herself on. Thrown into a journey that is far more deadly then it first appears, Mylea must now not only stop a Corrupting Force...

Chronicles of Urthos

By Ravoren

151 0 0 27214

Tales from Urthos is a collection of individual novels each telling a specific story from the perspective of a prominent character. Each story has it's own timeline and plot, yet they all interweave in many intricate ways. An action seen as admirable from...

Short Stories from Kieniiras

By Dougie

235 0 0 4598

A collection of short stories and legends from the world of Kieniiras.

Battle Mage of Mehonoris: Book One

By Kiyomo

12 0 0 62388

The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has stood for generations as a forced pillar of unity. However, in order to maintain that unity against the various threats and dangers outside city walls a group of soldiers and arcanists were assembled....

Fires of Valdara: Shenanigoons Campaign 1

By Nerdsmith

540 0 0 2

A D&D actual play podcast starring five adventurers across the sea in an industrial city called Ashport. They are Proctors, aka adventurers on the payroll of the Birchfield Institute, tasked with collecting dangerous magical artifacts.


By Kassandra Troy

351 0 0 748

When Ardeshir is sent on a rescue mission by the Mage Guild, he soon uncovers an ancient power and a forgotten enemy.

Stories of Beginnings

By kerupt

350 0 0 1201

[i]Being raised by the elemental creatures of the Quelatian Empire is strange on its own. However, stories of their creation and beginnings are stranger still.[/i] [dc]Y[/dc]oung Jakuul took well to the teaching of the Quelatian Empire, but stories of their...


By destined_pirate

540 0 0 2708

Though most only called her "Princess," Kathleen was always, well, Kathleen to me. She was my half-sister, but no one could ever say our sisterly love was halved. She was the incarnation of all the sonnets of the great poets: golden hair, shimmering eyes,...

Her Şeyin Sonu

By buckwelles

28 1 0 775

Büyük bir dalga, diyarın üzerine yayıldı sessiz bir uğultu eşliğinde. Derlain topraklarından dört bir yana ulaştı, ve uçlarda son buldu. Öncesini kimse bilmiyor; hatta kimse, ortada bir başlangıcın olduğunun bile farkında değil. Gaz lambalarının, meşalelerin...

Black Dunes of Hell

By Arkanasis

737 0 0 5494

When Lei Shen's father is killed in a tragic accident, the young human is whisked away into a world he could have never imagined. Arisys, a Lesser Demon in the ranks of the Avarian military, finds her self drawn to the young boy and soon she can't help but...

The Unwritten Prince

By harris_jeremy

366 0 0 2641

Within an ancient kingdom tightly united by a shell of obsidian, The Written Scripture tells a certain future... but the prince of this realm discovers the possibility to seek a future of his own. Perhaps others will follow?

The Chronicles of the Shattered Isles: Convergence

By LyssaAngélique

586 0 0 2

For those of us who can take human form, we must spend close to a thousand years maturing our dragon forms first. When the Myst enters the Confluence - a time of great power sees all of our planets, suns, and moons in alignment - our human bodies are born,...

Ascendant Darkness

By rasmus

277 0 0 6

Brother & Sister, God & Goddess. They fight and the world shakes. Almost a thousand years since they were trapped in a power void, Gehran the God has entered the mortal realm. He has lost most of his divine power but is gaining it back slowly.


By Paladrax

6319 0 0 0

This is the epic story of Freydis, daughter of Osric the Cutter. From her forest cottage in Saerad, she escalates her quest for adventure until, with the help of her friend Syl The Witch, she defeats the Duke of Darkwings to win herself a Kingdom. Epic fights...

Shadows of Arcet: Undead Rise

By The_Betrayer_Titan

439 0 0 275

The Arcetian War won with the slaying of the Raven King's and his forces. The country of Arcet, once a primary supplier of Adamanetium, is now a hellscape that is haunted by those who could not escape it's destruction. It has been 2 years since the end of...

7. The Heroes of Korovila: The Thief

By [email protected]

632 0 0 33767

The story about an elf and his life in the country of Lenisily, an oppressive country that has been persecuting its citizens for centuries and forcing them to live hard lives in the cold mountains where food and resources are scarce.

Countless Heroes Campaign

By Nerdsmith

2687 0 0 17805

Episode Recaps for our first D&D livestream show: Countless Heroes. A West Marches Style D&D campaign set in the world of Vayl. Sixteen players make up our party of heroes, and five nights a week, our DM leads a handful of us through adventure and peril in...

Mikos Short Story

By CorsairAquilus

63 0 0 0

Mikos Terelian is a Kalriv slave, working in a quarry for a wealthy Guardian in the outskirts of the city of Lycrus. For the past thirty years of his life, slavery has been all he has known; until tonight.

Arim: Awakening

By Revivalist19

127 0 0 6087

A young boy, taken from his home in promise of servitude to the great king Ardemeterus of Tazarninia.

Legend of the Last Vilar

By Tawariel

66 0 0 0

An arrogant elven prince, a stubborn human, and an impossible quest; Grace sure has found herself in the most unthinkable situation... The vilest of creatures, that were once feared by both Men and Elves, have returned once more. Grace is sent out to help...

The Poet's Eye

By LauraVAB

3010 18 18 38624

The Poet’s Eye is about a red-headed farm boy who steals a magical amulet to keep his family from killing each other for it—again. Giving up all he knows to protect them isn’t too big a sacrifice. Too bad it turns out to be a hoax, especially since a magical...

Aeda (Eye-duh)

By BlackGateFox

583 0 0 0

Aeda searches for clues about her origin, lost to a mysterious event that lead to her losing any recollection of who she is. Every clue seems to lead to a disaster that threatens herself and those around her, forcing her to challenge the snares holding her...