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Historical Fiction

The Road to New Echota

By Kanati

104 0 0 10259

Historical fiction set in the years leading up to the Anglo Cherokee War on the southwestern frontiers of the Britain’s Atlantic colonies. The spiritual and social trajectory of Yona-usdi’s life-path is forever changed when a vicious and disfiguring disease...

The Lion's Den

By Kanati

2 0 0 0

The epidemic of 1738 decimated the Cherokee People living on the southwest frontier of Britain's North American colonies. Falling prey to that vicious and disfiguring disease, Yona-usdi must come to terms with his own reflection and what it means to the future...

Of Christians and Pagans

By Kurrano

141 0 0 958

"The history of France begins with Clovis." -Charles de Gaulle "A King is like a wild beast, he answers to no one but god" -Clovis to his sons (quote to put in the story)

Thuringia Rises

By mrcheevus

149 0 0 51462

Bisinus is a young man, hardly old enough to swing a sword yet here he is, caught up in a war bigger than anything he could have dreamed of, fighting for the very monsters who forced his family and people to flee their seaside villages far to the north. Yet,...

Until Valhalla

By SgtVapes

161 0 0 38846

Thordon Arnthorson and his Danish Viking clan is attacked by the Wessex army at their home. The Wessex army is lead by Lord Sawein, a man who furiously hates and despises all pagans and heathens in the land and wishes to be rid of them for good. Sawein uses...