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psychological horror

Occult: The Girl

By JLFirestone

564 0 0 723

A meets a mysterious girl in the ally behind his fathers failing drug corporation. Upon becoming good friends the girl reveals her face and her power...

GM - Book 1: Lost In the Rain

By amelianite

1010 0 0 0

What if Jeff the Killer realizes his brother is still alive and Jeff's falling in love? Jeff the Killer enjoys killing at any time of the day, but he's been having a hard time lately. His mind has been on a girl he can't quite figure out. This girl is Jasmine...

String Theory (Danganronpa V3 fic)

By NeoStarReset

3464 0 0 16215

"This rule will remain active throughout the Killing Game! For whoever manages to kill Prairie Marble...gets to graduate scot-free! No need to wait for a perfect moment, kill her whenever you like! Kill her in front of her friends and lovers! Bring your kids!...

The Birth Of Solirium

By N.O.Horror

1433 2 0 312

Despite the luscious forests and calm atmosphere, the world has been injected with an aura of negativity and there is nothing that could cull it. Live with it, or die.

Autumn's Fall

By BlackGateFox

710 0 0 0

Autumn is a sweet child whom had the misfortune of being raised in a town where dark magic worked it's way into the minds of the people and gave malice to the forest that surrounded the little hamlet. These lands long ago were home to abominable worship...

The Monster

By Spectral42

1019 1 0 1128

Mr. Burner has been up to strange things lately, first losing his job at the high-school and now asking his students over his house? What is Mr. Burner up to and why is he being so secretive?