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Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-Fi

Juramento de Sangre


585 0 0 0

Valken hizo un juramento, uno al que dedicará el resto de su vida a cumplir; sin importar los obstáculos u odiseas que tenga que superar para conseguirlo, impulsado por diversas emociones humanas que están en conflicto entre sí dentro de su ser, nada lo desviará...

HD Book 1 - Hidden Secrets

By amelianite

2650 0 0 0

Calsifer, or Cal Winterborne is the younger half-brother of the late Loke Dracos, the proud genius who brought hope to everyone he meets. Cal focuses mostly on his studies and ignoring his late brother’s best friend, Aiden. Aiden Shadowlock gets by on the...

EHS S01 B03, Center of the World

By lartra

11821 0 0 25901

[h1]Hero or Heathen?[/h1] No vessel has ever made it beyond the edge of the world. Until now. After surviving a deadly storm that would have destroyed another ship, the Vibrius’s return to the empire should have been triumphant. Instead, the navigator Lieutenant...

Unforgiven & Unwanted - The Tales of Alexandrius

By PinkyMontague

517 0 0 0

The Pack, The Prey And Prometheus ............................................................. Book One of the The Wolf Ascends The Day of Andromeda Universe Far into the distant future, the children of humanity gaze upon a night of foreign stars, their...

It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

1416 0 0 2833

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...

Scythe of Chronos

By daviddougher

596 0 0 44169

Griffin Sanders is a man with a mission. He is trying hard to forget a long and disastrous tour in Afghanistan as a medic with an elite Ranger unit. When a beautiful woman and a mysterious group from a giant airship visit him at the Burning man Festival, Griffin...

Anvilite Adventures - Futuristic Stasis Rescue

By Lenosallose

2374 1 0 7807

The Anvilites Evelyn Arcasai and Odin Cayain have been given an assignment to put an end to a Phasma Ecto Cult near the fringest of the Doctor's Conclave District.

The TK-Project

By Atomic Nexus

2597 0 0 5436

Time Travel, Space Travel, clockwork? A foreboding bionic species bent on universal supremacy seeks to destroy the last bastion race standing in its way. When their plan aproaches fruition it is the job of one team to stop them. An adventure through space,...

EHS S01 B01, Impossible Paridise

By lartra

16144 0 0 13326

[h1]Explorer or Heretic?[/h1] [b]The world's future hangs in the balance.[/b] [i]The beginning of an incredible fantasy/steampunk adventure series.[/i] Captain Reinvo is ordered to take a prototype iron-sided steamship on its first voyage. The simple cargo...

EHS S01 B02, Return of the Vibrius

By lartra

11305 0 0 17236

[h1]Pioneer or Heretic?[/h1] She yearns for scientific freedom, but the church believes she’s a heretic. Their conflict changes the world. Janali, a repressed genius, quietly conducts her scientific research. Her situation appears improved with the miraculous...

State Caster

By SirArchiebaldTheUnforgiving

1208 0 0 367

The Epic adventures of 3 unlikely comrades in the world renown Imperial Magic Academy. An orphan with unmatched power, a floundering prince and a gentryman's son.

Tales of Zhedon

By aostreetart9

835 0 0 0

A tale of an orphan overcoming her insecurities to find a place within a team.

The Temple Steps

By GVtheDeuce

868 0 0 4410

Basic BBCode The following are the basics of BBCode. Text Style [b]Bold[/b] — Shows as Bold [i]Italics[/i] — Shows as Italics [u]Underline[/u] — Shows as Underline [color=#FF0000]Red text[/color] — Shows as Red text (Note: #FF0000 is the hexadecimal color...

W1: Wolf Bound

By amelianite

19667 1 0 54668

Book 1 of the Bound Series. Warning: If you can't handle extreme angst, this isn't the story for you. "Like Underworld meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Supernatural!" On the planet of Eskǎvaëís lives Kěith Cheonsa, the...

Frakton & Frakton Interplanetary Fuckery

By Kavriel

77 0 0 8085

A rowdy basal supply crew become Galilean heroes by standing against Digiminds, Gangsters, and Marshals after getting tied up in a Yewie scandal.

Veil Train Mage Working Title

By Balthazar_Ashe

799 0 0 1

WIP short story about the Iron Beasts and Rail Travel in Altherion.