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By ArgoForg

3027 0 0 222420

The Storyline from the Canon Vigil RPG Sessions

The Malachite Record (NSFW)

By Dylonishere123

3944 5 0 23372

WARNING! This is an erotic novel. Do not read it if that bothers you.

Ruler of The North - Book One: Empire Of Ice

By Little Flower Productions

1906 0 0 3096

Emperor Lermesian has ruled Vulsria with an iron fist for many years, facing trials and overcoming seemingly impossible odds, leading his country to historical strength. Until he married Imare, Lermesian was sanguine that there was nothing that could unnerve...

Velnevin: Through the Years


633 0 0 3292

A collection of roleplays between Naigraza and M3CUN1V, spanning over a decade. They have been edited and re-written in story format.

An Uncommon Betrothal

By JohannesTEvans

16768 49 6 53241

Alexos Fox is of course quite sad when the long-time butler of his household, the man who all but raised him, retires. He is not at all prepared for the old man’s replacement: his exceedingly attractive and painfully tempting nephew, Harry Sutton. Alexos,...

Tales from Gemenskap

By Soulwing

4165 8 1 8150

Chapters within this collection of shorts will have the intention to aid as corner stories for my planned NSFW novel set on the airship city of Gemenskap. - may feature Sexual themes and/or Erotic - - may contain lewd art by yours truly :p -

sweet smelling rot

By inka_schinken

1062 0 0 26459

Three step-brothers out of Utah make their living by killing people until death stops working in the middle of their last job. Now, they are on the run from the police and their boss as strange visions guide them to where Kali, the god of death and destruction,...

Might and Magic


444 0 0 6072

An willing warrior woman becomes entangled in the problems of a rouge wizard. Along the way of trying to cure a fatal curse, they learn a lot from each other and about themselves. THIS PUBLICATION IS NSFW. CONTENT WARNINGS: rape, beastiality, gore, enslavement


By hukes

178 0 0 768

Recien se mudó a Ciudad de México, Elena, en plena adultez, se introduce en el mundo swinger y libera sus pasiones en una doble vida que descubre la mujer que siempre estuvo oculta.