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tw: blood, gore, violence

Fallout LA

By Innokha

952 1 0 14800

Fallout LA (or FOLA) is text-based roleplay in an original section of the Fallout Universe. This is the archive log of this active and ongoing RP. Innokha is the author of Cricket; a spitfire wasteland raider chick with little to live for. While Rust, a mysteriously...

Her Thirst for Tears

By malphaeus

223 0 0 5827

(blurb about Samira) (blurb about Gwynn) (blurb about Abberton) (blurb about ABDL, BDSM, erotica, etc.)

The Red Sands: The First Hunt

By Conokat

182 0 0 104

The Red Sands swiftly grew to a major faction in the Imeshuka Desert, slaying the numerous dangerous creatures that threaten life to those who try to call the sands home. This is the story of the three founders meeting up for the first time to hunt a strange...

Inevitable | The World After

By Ellysium

125 0 0 0

There is a city, there is an engine, there is an army. A young explorer makes the discovery of a lifetime, the sort of discovery that will change history. She opens the door to a lost world and unwittingly fulfills an ancient prophecy. Inevitable follows...

Tale of Swords and Zeal

By Theillusivegamer

89 0 0 1

Sgt. Geoff Finlay has spent his whole military career trying to avoid the notice of his superiors, content to simply drift by. However, when an Imperial Acolyte conscripts him and his men to help hunt an ancient evil, he finds himself thrust into the center...