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The Tale of Horus the Wise

By Austo

689 0 0 0

A Lasquellian children's book featuring the titular Horus, a young boy who is wiser than his friends, and when ggggggg

Where Dragons Rule: Dissent

By Mr.Drake

11974 9 8 78627

After dragons drove her species to extinction, Aeris, the last Ardelle Celestial dragon has been raised as a pet by humans. Alone in the world and labeled a betrayer of her kind, Aeris must play the deadly game of dragon politics or forever live in isolation.

BWOH Draft

By TaiwanTimTim

44 0 0 172

A group of deeply troubled people come together in an epic adventure to find healing for both themselves and for the world around them before it's too late.

Alder School Stories

By Kiyomo

231 0 0 1

Groupings of Short Stories during the early years of Alders studies and following his acceptance into the Battle Mage Academy, meeting new friends, and starting his career as a Pere/Librarian. The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has...

The Tail of Ayla Faeris

By WolfofWinter

827 0 0 1

"I've been running all my life but I don't know what from?" Her voice cracked as she slid to the ground. I don't think I've seen someone so broken before, I thought to my self as I join her on rough cobble. Ayla Faeris doesn't remember her parents, by choice...