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victorian fantasy

Deus Irae: Falling Night

By greentop

767 0 0 6945

The country of Laidros is reaching a breaking point. The crown is in deadlock with the church, creating an ever widening divide between the two. The people, or at least the grand majority, side with the king. Those numbers might not mean everything when matched...

A divided country

By KajetanWrites

1161 6 0 1397

Ramona Pohl, a newly ascended Touched in the service of the Church of the Saviour is sent to the Tarran Kingdom, a country torn in a civil war, to assist a higher ranking Touched in training novices of the order. [br] Cover image by Marc Pascual from Pixabay...

Indusill Book 1

By Vexey

323 0 0 4207

In a world of fantastical magical technology and beautiful lands, what else would you expect people to do but colonize in the name of their righteous nation and faith. In the heartland of this nation, a trio, fed up with different parts of this authoritarian...