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High Magic

Deus Irae: Falling Night

By greentop

818 0 0 7017

The country of Laidros is reaching a breaking point. The crown is in deadlock with the church, creating an ever widening divide between the two. The people, or at least the grand majority, side with the king. Those numbers might not mean everything when matched...

FT Book 1: Kiss of the Dragon

By amelianite

898 0 0 1678

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild! For some, it can be a place of happiness. For others…not so much. Meet Rosaleta Argesi, an S-Class Wizard with an unsettling amount of magic. She alone can rival Laxus Dreyar, Gildarts Clive, and the 10 Wizard Saints. But...

Samsara Engine System Administrator

By Loxley00

131 0 0 43742

In the distant far future humanity had spread through the vast ocean of space. After countless eons, humanity couldn't escape the problem of dwindling resources, even in the seemingly infinite bounty of the universe. To ensure the continued survival of humanity,...