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Female Protagonist

Ruby Mage

By KajetanWrites

1520 0 0 640

Ania Kot is a 23-year-old student at the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts. Recently, she crafted a ruby dagger, a magical weapon that enhances her abilities. With it, she is ready to stand up to the Elementalists, the most powerful magical gang in Europe....

Dishonest Desires

By Walicia

378 0 0 451

Naki got used to the usual chaos that was her life. The thievery, accidental arson and just about everything that came with being a criminal. That was probably her first mistake. It's only logical that life would try to sweep the rug under her with even more...


By Coral Sands

1185 5 0 12721

Lana is alone in downtown Chicago in a skyscraper. She tries to stay out of sight, but food is running out and the monsters love it when they run.

Thaugangird Akeput

By EmptyManuscript

1596 0 0 3116

Ashala of the house Ovolen loves two things: the power she gets from being the eldest daughter of the Suvonor and her best friend Bogey. It's not that Bogey doesn't like Ashala, far from it, but Ashala is trouble and no one knows it better than Bogey who,...