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Nights Above

By Peanutmojo

160 0 0 48

City of Sins, Fortress Thundercleft, Belly of the Dragon. All three adventures can be ran separately with each individual plot points to link all events together. Each adventure advances in terms of phases and stages, at which story and NPC interactions/existence...

Curse of the Ancestor

By NathaliaBooks1993

276 0 0 24021

A new school year begins and after the test from the Headmaster of the Red Tempest Academy is it also open for humans. Only the only downside for that is the childeren who are coming are the childeren from vampire hunters. Leo is a senior this year and is...

The Name of the Manuscript

By undeadcorvid

128 0 0 0

[b]Jarl Gunnar of Skjeggestad is dead.[/b] His eldest daughter Brynja was posed to be Jarl when Þorír, his only flesh-and-blood son, issued a challenge. And then, so did Gunnar’s nephew, Ísólfr. The hold being in a succession crisis was bad enough when it...

The Rising - The Beginnings of Zohl

By Maelstrom143

298 0 0 655

Arriving in a port on the continent of Daejerothe, a young vampire-drow hybrid finds herself lost in a strange city with no recollection of who she is or where she hails from. Driven by a need to reclaim her past and secure her future, Maelstrom ventures...