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Fantasy, Steampunk

Shorts of the Shattered Heavens

By L A. Morton-Yates

271 0 0 63414

A collection of short stories from far and wide, set in the Shattered Heavens. Includes: - Tales from Brurna - A Chronicle of Strange Tales - And others

Fires of Valdara: Shenanigoons Campaign 1

By Nerdsmith

517 0 0 2

A D&D actual play podcast starring five adventurers across the sea in an industrial city called Ashport. They are Proctors, aka adventurers on the payroll of the Birchfield Institute, tasked with collecting dangerous magical artifacts.

Wrath of the Kogs: Rise of the New Type

By LeeFin

355 0 0 244

Two hundred years ago humanity was on the precipice of a new technological age. The power this new advancement would have brought rivalled the gods. The gods of this world, known as "the Kogs", grew fearful of humanities evolution, so they chose to stunt it....