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Low magic

The Secret Story

By A.J.Ponder

321 0 0 31164

A horde of rats A coven of witches desperate to stay hidden A ball to die for, and a ball that must remain secret at any cost As a smithy’s daughter, Amarinda can only dream of going to the ball. She loves the fine gowns and imagines the feisty Princess Sylvalla...

Lyra Frost: Embers of a Lost Will

By StarFlyte77

81 0 0 23843

Lyra Frost is a teenage wizard living in a world that despises magic. All she wants is to keep her parents and siblings safe, and maybe get a nice job as a musician in Misthaven's royal court, but life is never that simple for a wizard. Soon she is swept up...

Giants in the Deep

By Pickleknight

1341 0 0 2315

Some search for adventure their entire lives, but never find it. Others find adventure thrust upon them with little warning. For Marek, adventure took him like a petty thief and cast him into a dark and threatening abyss with no escape in sight. Marek must...